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A Prayer of Thanks

Father God, we have so many things to be thankful for...

…for keeping the fire of faith alive through all the storms of doubts and uncertainty;

…for giving us something to cling to when everything seems to crumble around us;

…for giving us a meaning in a world constantly searching for a meaning;

…for being our candle on the dark path of what we still don’t understand;

…for giving us true freedom in a world that has turned freedom into a cheap word;

…for being patient with us when we refuse to learn;

…for lifting us when we fall;

…for bringing us home when we go astray;

…for showing us we have a home, that we are not orphans in this world;

…for giving us courage and strength in our trials;

…for teaching us the true love that casts out all fear;

…for being our friend, our comforter and our guide;

…for carrying our burdens and being with us in our suffering;

…for helping us become the best of what we can be;

…for quenching our thirst with living water;

…for showing us the way to your Kingdom;

And above all, we thank you for the One through whom all these things and many more were made possible -for your son Jesus Christ, our loving, self-sacrificing Lord, who taught us to call you “Father” and in whose name we dare come before you today and always.