Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

When I pray in silence, my soul is like a white dove
stretching its wings and ?ying beyond the horizon,
across unknown spaces, towards the sun.
There's so much freedom in praying. It's like giving birth.
You go through a lot of pain and struggle, but the peace
and joy that follow are in?nitely greater.
You start with a tormented and doubtful heart. You don’t
know where the prayer is going to take you... sometimes
you’re not even sure whether anybody listens to it or not.
Then, as you pour your heart and soul into it in truth and
honesty, the words start to ?ow like an enchanted stream
across the rocks.
And they keep ?owing and ?owing. There are no more
boundaries. No more obstacles. Then the tears come.
Tears of joy. Tears of hope. Tears of gratefulness.
You can feel your prayer opening doors, breaking locks,
knocking down walls, crossing time and space in its way
to the One it is addressed to.
You receive feedback. You can actually feel the heavens
open and your prayer touching the throne of Glory. It is