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Prayer in Times of Spiritual Dryness

My Lord, I’m completely dry inside but I know that even out of this dryness you can bring fruit. Even if my soul isa desert and my thirst is not quenched, I know you haven’t abandoned me. So out of my wilderness, I raise my voice and my heart to you, not to make my will known, but to surrender to your will, not to get what Iwant, but to learn to be open to what you want for me.

I know, my Lord, that you can grow trees out of rocksand flowers out of sand, that nothing is impossible to you and there is no evil that you cannot turn into good if you will so. Take me to that point of perfect faith when I cansurrender to you wholeheartedly even if you choose tohide your face from me. Help me trust in your almightyhand even when I cannot feel its warm touch, for I know you are faithful to your words and you will not abandonthose who seek you in honesty and persevere in their love for you.

Use this time of trial and aridity to break the boundariesof my weakness and plant the seed of your strength in me. Let me die to my own self, so that I can be born again as a new being filled with your Holy Spirit. Teach me the power of love that conquers all and overcomes all andkeeps burning in spite of all the storms that try toextinguish its flame. Give me eyes to see the first signs of the dawn while the night is still dark and ears to hear the faint whispers of hope in the midst of the greatest silence. I ask you that in Jesus’ name.