Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

A Prayer for Friends
Lord God, as somebody so beautifully put it, 'friends are
the family we choose for ourselves'. In a world where
everything seems so unstable and brother turns against
brother, there is nothing more comforting than the
thought of having faithful friends who are always ready
to offer us their help and support.
You taught us, Lord, to love one another as you had
loved us and that there is no greater love for a man than
to give his life for his friends. Through your life and
personal example you gave us a lesson on what true
friendship means. Help us to follow you and to be good
friends to our friends. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, so
that we can ?nd the right words to pray for them and to
thank you for bringing them into our lives.
And as we pray, from the depth of our heart and mind,
we say to you: my Lord, watch over my friends. Protect
them from all evil and harm and never abandon them
when they are in need, as they have never abandoned me
when I was in need. Be their helper and comforter as they
have been my helpers and comforters in times of trouble.
Never let any of their prayers return from you
unanswered. Never let them feel the sting of loneliness or
the bitterness of despair. When all hope seems gone,
bring it back in the most wonderful way. When faith is