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Prayer for Those Who Cry

My Lord, thank you for the gift of tears, for with tearscomes surrender, and only in surrender can your work be made complete in our hearts. Please bless all those whocry and be with them every single moment of their journey, every step of the way. Hold their hand and when the pain becomes unbearable, carry them in your armsand let them find peace in your comforting embrace.

Take them to a point where they can grasp the hidden meaning of their tears; make them mature enough to see the whole picture and understand that everything worksfor their good and even bad things and situations are a blessing in disguise.

Turn every tear that falls from their eyes into a drop of living water, cleansing them and setting them free. Teach them that surrendering to your will is the only real treasure they can have in this life and help them grow in this understanding, so that they can let go of all the false idols they are clinging to.

Let each and every one of their tears be a gate into new dimensions of faith, hope and love. Turn them into real people, with their hearts widely open, ready to receive your blessings. Make their faith stronger, so that it can turn their tears of pain into tears of gratitude and overwhelming joy. Set their hearts free from all their worries and torments.

Blessed are those who can cry, for no flower ever growsin a dry desert and the soil needs rain to turn the seedinto a tree. Let our tears water the soil of our hearts and make it fertile for the good seeds you’ve planted within us. And when the flowers bloom, and when the trees bring good fruit, let us remember you and the wonderful ways in which you work in us.