Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer for God’s Presence in Our Lives
Lord God of love, our comforter and our friend, our light
in the dark, let our hearts ?nd a refuge in you from all the
worries and the troubles of the day. Let us bring our
burdens to the cross and refresh us over and over again
with the living water of your presence in our lives.
Be with us in our everyday struggles. Help us distinguish
between right and wrong and choose the things that can
make us grow. Help us make a difference in the lives of
those around us and in our own lives. Rather than ask for
miracles all the time, help us be a miracle.
You created us in your image, help us live a life that is
pleasing to you. Help us prove ourselves worthy of the
gift of life you have given us and of all the love you have
invested in us. Show us the hidden beauty of every
moment, so that we can give you thanks for everything.
Let us see the rainbow glistening behind every tear.
Teach us that the great crisis can be overcome. That there
are answers to the big questions of humanity. That we are
not just a species of evolved animals with no soul and no
direction, aborted in the middle of the jungle. We are
your children. We are precious in your eyes. Watch over
our bodies and our souls, so that none of us are lost.