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Prayer for Finding a Job

My Lord, my Creator, I believe you have a purpose for each human life. I believe you want to complete your work in all your children and to help us make the best of the gifts you’ve given us. You’ve endowed each one of uswith a unique set of talents and abilities that we can use for your glory. So many times we miss opportunities. Somany times our talents are wasted. So many times we are in the wrong place doing the wrong things.

But from now on, I surrender everything to you and I askyou to take care of my life. Search my heart. Help me discover what I’m good at and make me grow in the things I do best. Give me the opportunity to fulfill mypotential and to use my talents and abilities for the gloryof your name and the benefit of other people.

By surrendering my whole life and being to you, I alsosurrender my needs, which you know very well. Give me a way to fulfill them through honest work and commitment. Bring together in harmony my interestsand the interests of the people I work for, so that we canall gain from what we’re doing. Let no one be exploited, but teach us to be kind and honest to one another and coexist in peace and love.

My Lord, I put my prayer and my wish before you. Helpme find a job in which I can make the best of what I am and I can do. But not my will, but yours be done. You know better what’s right for me and when the time isright for everything. Complete the great work you’ve started in my life.