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Prayer for Freedom

Lord God, you have created us for freedom, not for bondage. Help us break free from our old sinful patternsand discover a new way in you. You taught us to lookbeyond our worries and struggles to the deeper meaningwe find in you and to the treasure that can't be taken away from us.

Help us grow in faith, love and wisdom until we are spiritually ready to receive the gift of freedom you've prepared for your children. Hold our hands all along the way, as we walk into the light of your glory, and teach usto surrender to your redeeming love.

Teach us that true love casts out all fear and that a life without fear is a life of freedom. And as we follow you with all our heart and soul, leaving our burdens at the cross, give us wisdom to recognize your will for our livesand to fulfill it in a way that brings honour to Your name- not as slaves, but as free children.