Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer for hose Who Prayed for Me
Dear Lord, holy spring of life and light of divine love,
thank you for all the people who have prayed for me
along the years and for those who are still praying now -
for those who are near and for those who are far, for
those whom I’ve met and for those whom I’ve never met
- for all those without whom my path would have
sunken into darkness so many times.
Thank you for bringing them in my life, for in the
moments of spiritual crisis they lifted me up and gave me
strength to carry on. Don’t leave any of their prayers for
me unrewarded, nor any of their kind acts unpaid. Touch
them with your rich mercy and ?ll their life with
blessings. Surround them with love and with people who
are willing to pray for them with an honest heart, just like
they prayed for me.
Never leave them alone in times of trial, nor without help
in danger. Never leave them without comfort in times of
suffering. Give them a healthy body and a peaceful mind.
Guide them with your right hand and when the way
seems too long and too hard, carry them in your arms
like a kind loving father.
Don’t let a single day pass without them being in my
thoughts and prayers, without them getting a sign of love
and kindness from you and from their neighbours. And