Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer for Peace and Wisdom in he
Dear God, our Friend and Father, ful?ll the work you've
started in our lives. Work in our church. Heal old
wounds and remove old adversities. Bring us closer
together and make us realize that you are one and that
we're all one in you. Help us overcome our earthly nature
that longs for power and recognition. Make us never
forget that our important work here on earth is to be
messengers of your goodness and to re?ect your love in
everything we say and do.
So many times we act like children, letting our feelings
and desires overcome our reason. So many times we let
minor issues blind our faith and darken our perspective.
Help our spirit grow and make our faith stronger, so that
we can ful?ll the work you've entrusted to us.
There are so many people around us who need our love
and support; so many lives that have no direction; so
many souls that are like sheep without a shepherd. Help
us bring the breeze of hope and comfort to each and
every one of them. Make us wake up and realize that our
life is too short to waste it in pointless arguments and
sel?sh battles; that our mission is too big and important
to treat it lightly or ignore it for our vain ambitions.