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Prayer for A Right Way To Pray

Father God, my mind is too small to comprehend the miracle of prayer. All I know is that it's the best way of communicating with you so far and I thank you for itwith all my heart and my soul.

Teach us how to pray in an effective way. Teach us how to pray so that our prayer is heard and answered. Workin our hearts, make our lives worthy of you, so that whenwe pray, we do it in a way that is pleasant in your eyes.

So many times we ask for irrelevant things, thinking thatwe know what's best for us. Help us understand that you know better, that to you nothing is hidden and it is safe to surrender to you and say “Thy will be done”.

Give us inner peace and wisdom to realize that everything works out for our good and that, as long aswe remain with you, nothing wrong can happen to us.

Fill our hearts and minds with faith, hope and love andlet the spring of everlasting joy flow within us, and fromwithin us all around, as we acknowledge you as our father, friend and comforter; our one and only treasure that can never be taken away from us.