Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer for Finding Meaning in
My Lord, my Redeemer, help me ?nd a meaning in my
sufferings, hardships and humiliations. Make my life a
part of your divine plan and help me to see beyond this
“here and now” that limits my vision.
Speak to me like you spoke to Job, for those to whom you
speak can never see the world in the same way. Open my
eyes, so that I can see your love in everything. Open my
ears, so that I can hear your voice in everything.
Teach me to be strong in times of weakness. To carry
forward the message of faith, hope and love. When my
heart is breaking, touch it with your healing hand and
make me whole again.
Your mercy is endless. Your greatness is beyond compare.
You can turn wrong into right and illuminate the
darkness with your light. You can make me strong by the
very things that make me weak.
Change my heart. Let me be a messenger of your love
here on Earth. Where there is bitterness, pour your love,
where there is illness and death, pour your living water.
Where there is despair, pour your hope.