Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Prayer For A Good End
O Lord, my God, will you hold my hand when this
journey is over? Will you see me through the darkness
and guide my steps towards the light?
The animal inside is so frightened at the thought of
death, but my spirit longs for freedom, and my freedom
is in you. No night is too dark, no abyss too deep, no
mountains too high when you are there.
Help me cross the point of no return. Give me courage to
keep on hoping, loving and praying even when my
world seems to crumble to dust.
Give me strength to silence the screams inside my
tormented heart. To go further, to dive deeper, to ?y
higher, with no fear of failure. To reach out to the
untouchable star, to listen to the ungraspable whispers
beyond the wall of silence.
And be with me all the way through.