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Prayer for Our Loved Ones

Lord Jesus, you taught us that faith can move mountainsand that whatever we ask for in your name, we shall get. While you lived on Earth, you cured ailments and diseases doctors had given up with and you raised people from the dead. You taught us about the power of faith and invited us to pray with confidence, as if we'dalready received what we’d asked for.

To you, Master, I turn today with my heart full of hope and confidence, knowing that no prayer will return from you unanswered and no request unresolved. Also knowing that all things work for our good and that you always choose what is right for us. In your name I pray tothe Father of all, Creator of the Universe, and I cry:

Father, watch over those I love! You know the depth of each one of them and you love them all with a love asfresh as a rose and as unchanged as eternity. Never walkaway from any of them. Never leave them to struggle alone. Be their friend and comforter and let them feel with every fibre of their being that they are loved andcared for.

Our life is in your hands. I entrust their lives to you. I entrust to you all their thoughts, worries, fears and concerns. Guide them along the path. Lead their stepsand help them take the right decisions. Be strong in them, so that they may be strong in you. Surround them with your love like with a warm blanket, so that they never feel cold, deserted or neglected. Help them grow andbring good fruit, enrich them spiritually, so that they can find the power to be strong until the end.

Bring the right people in their way, so that they can always get the help they need. Forgive their transgressions and bring them home when they goastray. Let them experience your love in every aspect of their lives, in every possible way. For you are the Father of those whom I'm praying for and I know that, as longas you remain by their side, nothing bad can happen tothem. Work in their lives, so that your name may be glorified in each and every one of them.