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Prayer for Comfort and Guidance

My Lord, look at me from your divine sky and search myheart. See if there is any wrong in me and cure me. Mysoul longs for you and my being is thirsty for your living water. Bring comfort and hope into my life. Teach me your holy will, light the path in front of me, so that Iknow which way to go.

There are so many times I stumble on this road. Catch me and don't let me fall. Hold me in your arms like a lovingfather. Let the warmth of your love keep me warm in the cold winter nights like a cosy fluffy coat. When I feel lonely and scared, comfort me with loving words like a mother comforts her child.

Give me courage and strength to cope with everythinglife brings my way, and to make the best of it, in spite of the hardships and adversities I encounter. Help me live in accordance with your will, so that I have no regrets atthe end.