Eliza's Prayer Book HTML version

Anoher Prayer for Srengh
It wasn’t until I was crushed in the midst of despair that I
knew how sweet your comfort was and how warm your
embrace. It wasn’t until my heart broke in agony that I
knew how strong I was in you. But now I know and this
knowledge makes my heart soar.
I also know that my tears burn you and my pain makes
you cry, because you want the best for me. You made me
for victory, not for failure. And your victory is love.
Through love, you hold me tight and warm me and ?ll
my heart with joy.
Give me strength in the knowledge that with you I can
move mountains. Give me strength in the belief that your
love is stronger than anything. Evil stands no chance
against a force so great and wonderful.
Give me strength in the knowledge that you are always
with me, that I’ll never go through life alone. Give me
wisdom to know you and to seek you ever more.
Give me strength in the certainty that, even when the
clouds seem overwhelming, the sun is not too far away
and the storm will soon be over.
Give me strength in the faith that your hand keeps my
candle burning, so that no wind can blow it out. As long