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Prayer for People In Need Of Strength

I know, my Lord, that I am not the only one who needsstrength. There are so many people in this world who are struggling with fear, pain and uncertainty. It is not onlyfor me I pray, but also for them.

I pray for the person who is reading this prayer rightnow, help him/her to find in it a word of encouragement, a glimpse of inspiration.

You know his/her problems and struggles, help him/her find the strength to rise above them, to see beyond this'here and now' into something deeper and more meaningful.

Let him/her draw inspiration and encouragement fromthe very source of life. Show them how great and wonderful you are.

I’m praying for all those who ask “Why?”, „Why me?”, „Why the one I love?”, „What’s the point?”, „Where are You now, when I need You most?”, „Why have You abandoned me?” Turn their questions into prayers andlet your answer make a difference in their lives.

Open a channel of communication with each of them. Build a bridge. Build a relationship. Turn their doubts into faith and their pain into victory. Soothe and comfortthem. Touch and heal.

Let your love be like a warm blanket on a cold winter night, like a friendly hand on a weary shoulder, like a fresh breath of wind in a room that had its windows shut for too long.

Please, Lord, make your presence felt in the lives of all those who need you today and give them strength by the very change your love can bring in their hearts.