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My baker was already there he seemed really surprised to see me, I don’t think
he expected me to be on time and ready to work. We got straight to work, he
taught me how to mix the icing mix and what colours to add. At about 5 am he
walked back into the room I was working in, he seemed impressed by my work. I
had iced almost everything he had asked me to ice, only problem was I had
mixed my colours up so half were the right color the other half were something
totally different, I hadn’t even noticed I was so focused on getting it all done. I
wanted to impress my boss. He just laughed, he thought it was funny, then he
told me to come and get a fresh bun and coffee and take a break with him.
The bun was a combination of sugar and cinnamon, it was amazing, I had never
had anything like it. We sat in silence and ate our buns and drank our coffee,
then he finally spoke, he introduced himself, his name was Joseph, he was 50yrs
old, he had never married and had no children. I told him about me, that I wanted
to be an actress but I had to find a job, a place to live and save some money. I
told him I was staying with a school friend and her family for the time being but if
he let me keep the job I would be looking for a flat some where in the area.
Joseph told me he about his faith and how he didn’t work weekends, he was
Jewish, I knew nothing apart from what I had learnt at school, he was very
patient and offered to answer any questions I might have. Then he gave me all
the paper work I needed to work for him, just the basic tax forms. I was so proud
I had my first job in New Jersey I was on my way to achieving my dream.
On my first day at work I got to meet most of Joseph’s regular customers, I think
word spread pretty quick that some one new was working at the bakery and
every one wanted to come have a look at the weird southern girl. I don’t mind
they were all very nice to me and sales went through the roof.
After about a month of working at the bakery I had my own fans, they loved the
adventurous new icing colours and some came in every day to see what I had
come up with. I asked Joseph if it would be alright if I put a notice up in the