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Thankfully my little car made it to new jersey without breaking down, but the cost
of the fuel and food had made a serious dent in my budget, I knew if I was going
to find somewhere to live I needed to find a job and fast. When I arrived in New
Jersey I called a friend from school, I knew she lived in the area and I hoped I
would be able to camp on her floor for a little while at least until I could find a job
and a flat. As luck would have it she was at home, I went to see her and I told her
what I had done. Her parents thought it was hilarious; they were fabulous they
told me I was welcome to stay as long as I needed. They were leaving on a big
holiday in a few days and it would save them some money if I could look after the
house and their little dog for 6 weeks. I was so relieved; I had somewhere safe to
stay for a few weeks. When they left for holidays they made sure there was
plenty of food and they even left money in case I needed it for some reason. The
little dog and I became good friends, he would sleep on the bed with me and
during the day he would come out in the car with me while I looked for a job.
Then one day I took the dog for a walk and got a bit lost, I found a little bakery
and went in to ask for directions, the man that was behind the counter drew me a
map and gave me and the dog a drink of water. I noticed that he was writing a
help wanted sign, I asked him about the job, he used to run the bakery with his
friend who had recently passed away and he needed some one to help serve
and decorate cakes. I told him I have no experience but I was willing to learn. I
walked out of the bakery with a job. Only one problem I had to be at work at 4am
the next morning.
The following morning I showed up at the bakery, it was 3.45 am, it was dark and
it was scary, even the dog gave me a dirty look when I got up so early. I left the
dog asleep on the bed, I made sure he had plenty of water and filled his bowl
with food but he wasn’t interested.