Electronics Project Book HTML version

A word for Students and Hobbyists -
As a hobbyist I had always struggled to buy the components what I needed for my circuits, i used to search local radio
repair shops and used to visit old Lajpat Rai market opposite to red fort, old Delhi. 10 years back it was quite
different situation, with less shops, very few online websites and nearly no online shopping site, Today things have changed
and we have very good and rich online knowledge like blogs, sites and online shopping stores.
But some of the rules for shopping still remains the same. As For most of the basic components you should first search local
radio shops And If you are from Delhi and around you can always find most of components from old Lajpat Rai market only some
shopkeepers here are not interested in retail buyers as they are bulk dealers, So better to find shops which are selling retail.
If, However you want to buy online there are some options available. Just Google for electronics spares, There are sites which are
selling spares and some selling complete kits also but i would recommend to start with basic and assemble your our circuits
instead of using a ready made project.
Varun Bansal
Email me at: vanarova@gmail.com