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pon(te), imperat. of poner.

ponderar, to exaggerate.

pondría, cond. of poner.

poner, to put, fix, place, set, put on, impose, arrange, call, take; refl. , to become.

ponga, pres. subj. of poner.

pongas, pres. subj. of poner.

pongo, pres. of poner.

ponzoños-o, -a, poisonous.

poquitín, little, very little.

poquit-o, -a, very little.

por, for, by, to, in order to, in, on, along, about, through, on accountof; ¿— qué? why? — ... que, however; — encima de, above; — aquí,here; — entre, among, between; — muy, however.

porcelana, f. , porcelain.

porción, f. , part, portion.

porque, because.

porqué, m. , cause, reason.

portalón, m. , large door.

portero, m. , porter, doorkeeper.

poseedor, m. , possessor.

poseer, to have, hold, possess.

posible, possible.

positiv-o, -a, positive.

postre, m. , dessert.

postura, f. , posture, position.

potencial, potential.

potente, powerful.

potestad, f. , power.

práctica, f. , practice.

practicable, practicable.

práctic-o, -a, practical.

preámbulo, m. , preamble, circumlocution.

precaución, f. , precaution.

precio, m. , price, value.

preciosidad, f. , excellence.

precios-o, -a, precious.

precipitar, to hurry.

precisamente, precisely.

precisión, f. , precision.

precis-o, -a, necessary, precise.

preferencia, f. , choice, preference.

preferir, to prefer, choose.

prefiero, pres. of preferir.

preguntar, to question, ask.

prematur-o, -a, premature, untimely.

premio, m. , reward, prize.

prenda, f. pl. , talents, accomplishments.

preocupar, to preoccupy.

preparar, to prepare.

presagiar, to presage, predict.

presencia, f. , presence.

presentar, to present.

presente, present; tener —, to remember.

preservar, to preserve, protect.

prestar, to lend, pay (attention).

presupuesto, m. , estimate, presumed cost.

presuros-o, -a, quick, prompt.

pretender, to seek for, request.

pretendiente, m. , suitor.

pretexto, m. , pretext, pretence.

preveamos, pres. subj. of prever.

prevenir, to warn, prevent, be prepared.

prever, to foresee.

previamente, first.

previsión, f. , foresight.

prima, f. , premium, option.

prima, f. , cousin.

primer, see primero.

primer-o, -a, first.

primero, adv. , first.

prim-o, -a, first.

primor, m. , skill, dexterity.

primoros-o, -a, elegant, beautiful.

principalmente, principally.

principiar, to begin, commence.

principio, m. , beginning.

prisa, f. , haste.

privad-o, -a, private.

privar, to deprive.

privilegiad-o, -a, privileged.

probar, to try, taste, prove.

problema, m. , problem.

proceder, to proceed, go on.

procedimiento, m. , process, proceeding.

proclamar, to declare, proclaim.

procurar, to try, endeavor.

prodigio, m. , prodigy.







producir, to produce, cause.

producto, m. , product, output, proceeds.

profesor, m. , teacher, professor.

profund-o, -a, deep, profound.

prohibir, to forbid, prohibit.

promesa, f. , promise, vow.

prometer, to promise.

pronto, adv. , promptly, quickly; por de —, for the present, for thetime being; por el —, in the meantime.

propi-o, -a, own, personal, proper.

proponer, to propose.

proposición, f. , proposition, suggestion.

propósito, m. , purpose, design; a — de, with regard to.

proscenio, m. , proscenium.

proseguir, to pursue, continue.

protección, f. , protection, favor.

protector, m. , protector.

proteger, to protect, favor.

protestar, to protest.

provocar, to excite, provoke.

provoque, imperat. of provocar.

próxim-o, -a, near, next, nearest.

prueba, pres. of probar.

prueba, f. , proof, test, trial.

pruebe, pres. subj. of probar.

públicamente, publicly.

públic-o, -a, public.

público, m. , public.

puchero, m. , dish, earthen pot.

pudiera, imp. subj. of poder.

pudieran, imp. subj. of poder.

pudieras, imp. subj. of poder.

pudiese, imp. subj. of poder.

pudor, m. , modesty.

pudoros-o, -a, modest.

pueda, pres. subj. of poder.

puedan, pres. subj. of poder.

puede, pres. of poder.

pueden, pres. of poder.

puedes, pres. of poder.

puedo, pres. of poder.

puerilidad, f. , puerility, childishness.

puerta, f. , door.

pues, adv. , well, then, therefore, besides; — bien, very well.

puesto, past part. of poner.

puesto, m. , post.

pulimentar, to polish.

pulsar, to touch, try tentatively, feel the pulse.

pulso, m. , pulse, care, steady hand.

puntar, to indicate.

puntilla, f. ; de —s, on tiptoe.

punto, m. , point, moment, place; primer —, the greatest, the veryfirst one; en —, adv. , exactly; a —, adv. , in order.

puntualidad, f. , punctuality.

pureza, f. , purity.

purificación, f. , purification.

purificar, to purify, cleanse.

purifiquen, pres. subj. of purificar.

pur-o, -a, pure.

pusiera, imp. subj. of poner.

pusieron, pret. of poner.

puso, pret. of poner.


que, conj. , that, since, for, in the place of, let; con —, so, sothen.

¿qué? , which? what? how? why? ¿a —? why? for what purpose? ¿— tal? how?

¡qué! , what! what a! how!

que, rel. , who, which; el —, la —, lo —, he who, she who, thatwhich, what; — no, of course not; no ( emphatic.); a lo —, because; a—, en —, de —, that; a —, I wager.

que, adv. , than, as.

quebrantar, to fatigue, weaken, break down.

quedar, to remain, sometimes used in the sense of to be.

querer, to wish, desire, seek, like, love; — mal, to wish harm,dislike.

querer, m. , wish, love, affection.

queridísim-o, -a, dearest.

querid-o, -a, dear, beloved.

querrá, fut. of querer.

¿quién? who?

quien, rel. , who, whom, he who, the one who.

quiera, pres. subj. of querer.

quieran, pres. subj. of querer.

quieras, pres. subj. of querer.

quiere, pres. of querer.

quieren, pres. of querer.

quieres, pres. of querer.

quiero, pres. of querer.

quiet-o, -a, quiet, calm; ¡—! stop!

quietud, f. , tranquillity, quietness, calmness.

quince, fifteen.

quint-o, -a, fifth.

quisiera, imp. subj. of querer.

quisiese, imp. subj. of querer.

quitar, to take off, take away; refl, to leave, go away, put aside.

quizá, -s, perhaps.


radicalmente, radically.

ramita, f. , little branch, slender limb.

ramito, m. , little bunch, little bouquet.

ramo, m. , branch, cluster, bunch, bouquet.

rápidamente, rapidly.

rápid-o, -a, rapid.

rar-o, -a, rare, strange.

rasgo, m. , trait.

rastrer-o, -a, humble.

ratito, m. , moment, instant.

rato, m. , moment, little while.

rayo, m. , flash of lightning.

razón, f. , reason, right; tener —, to be right.

real, real.

realidad, f. , reality.

reanudar, to renew.

rebajad-o, -a, low.

rebajar, to diminish, reduce.

rebelar, refl. , to rebel, resist.

recadito, m. , little message.

recado, m. , message, errand; pasaré —, I will go and tell them.

recatar, to conceal.

recelar, to fear.

recelos-o, -a, timorous, distrustful.

recibir, to receive.

reciente, recent.

reclamar, to demand, claim.

recluir, to shut up.

reclusión, f. , reclusion, seclusion.

recluyen, pres. of recluir.

recobrar, to recover, regain.

recoger, to collect, gather, call in, pick up, take up.

recogido, past part. of recoger.

recomendar, to recommend.

recomiendas, pres. of recomendar.

recóndit-o, -a, secret, concealed.

reconocer, to acknowledge, recognize, consider.

reconozca, pres. subj. of reconocer.

reconozco, pres. of reconocer.

recordar, to recall, recollect, remember.

recorrer, to traverse.

recrear, to amuse, divert.

recreo, m. , recreation.

rectificar, to rectify, correct.

rectifiqué, pret. of rectificar.

Rector, m. , rector, curate.

recuerda, pres. of recordar.

recuerde, imperat. of recordar.

recuerdo, pres. of recordar.

recuerdo, m. , remembrance.

recurso, m. , recourse; pl. , means, resources.

rechazar, to reject, repel.

red, f. , net.

redoblar, to redouble.

redondamente, absolutely.

reducir, to reduce, convert, calm, quiet.

referir, to relate, tell, report; refl. , to relate to, refer to.

refiere, pres. of referir.

reflejo, m. , reflected light, reflection.

reflexión, f. , reflection.

reforma, f. , reform.

refrescar, to refresh, revive.

refresco, m. , refreshment, cold drink.

refugiar, to shelter, take refuge.

refugio, m. , refuge, shelter.

regenerar, to regenerate.

régimen, m. , regimen.

registrar, to examine, search.

regla, f. , rule; en —, in good order.

regocijar, to rejoice.

regular, ordinary, usual.

reino, m. , kingdom.

reír, to laugh.

relación, f. , relation.

religios-o, -a, religious.

reloj, m. , watch.

rematar, to finish, complete.

remover, to stir.

remueve, pres. of remover.

renacer, to be renewed.

rendimiento, m. , subjection, submission.

rendir, refl. , to give in, give way, surrender.

renegar, to deny, disown.

renovar, to renew.

renta, f. , rent, income.

renunciar, to renounce, resign, abandon.

reñir, to scold.

reparar, to consider, give heed, recover.

reparto, m. , distribution.

repentin-o, -a, sudden, abrupt, unforeseen.

repetir, to repeat.

repite, pres. of repetir.

repitiendo, pres. part. of repetir.

reponer, to restore, recover.

reposar, to repose, rest.

reposo, m. , rest, repose.

reprender, to blame, reprehend.

representar, to represent, describe.

reptil, m. , reptile.

repugnante, repugnant.

requerir, to require, notify.

Requesens, prop. noun.

resbalar, to slip, fall.

resentimiento, m. , resentment.

reserva, f. , reserve.

reservadísim-o, -a, very confidential.

reservar, to reserve, keep in store.

resguardo, m. , receipt, security.

residencia, f. , residence, home.

residir, to reside, dwell.

resignar, to resign.

resistencia, f. , resistance.

resolución, f. , resolution, decision.

resolver, to resolve, decide, analize, explain.

resorte, m. pl. , means.

respetable, respectable.

respetar, to respect.

respeto, m. , respect, regard, consideration.

respetuosamente, respectfully.

respirable, respirable, breathable.

respiración, f. , respiration, breathing.

respirar, to breath, respire.

resplandecer, to shine, glow, light up.

resplandeciente, resplendent, radiant, shining.

resplandor, m. , splendor, radiance.

responder, to reply, respond.

responsabilidad, f. , responsibility.

responsable, responsible, accountable.

resto, m. , rest; pl. , remains.

resucitar, to come to life.

resueltamente, promptly, resolutely.

resuelva, pres. subj. of resolver.

resultado, m. , result, outcome.

resultar, to result.

retener, to retain.

retirar, to withdraw, retire, remove.

retozar, to play, run about, frisk.

retraíd-o, -a, modest, reserved, unassuming.

retroceder, to go backward, recede, retrograde.

reunir, to unite, reunite.

revelar, to reveal.

reverend-o, -a, reverend.

revista, f. , review.

revolver, to revolve, stir, turn around, disturb.

revuelt-o, -a, upside down.

revuelven, pres. of revolver.

rezar, to pray, say prayers.

rezo, m. , prayer, service.

rezongar, to grumble.

ric-o, -a, rich, delicious.

ríen, pres. of reír.

riendo, pres. part. of reír.

rigidez, f. , stiffness.

rígid-o, -a, rigid, severe.

rigurosamente, strictly, rigorously.

rincón, m. , nook, corner.

rinde, pres. of rendir.

rindo, pres. of rendir.

riña, imperat. of reñir.

riña, pres. subj. of reñir.

riñendo, pres. part. of reñir.

río, pres. of reír.

riqueza, f. , wealth, riches.

riquísim-o, -a, very rich, very delicious, very choice.

risa, f. , laugh, laughter.

risotada, f. , loud laughing.

risueñ-o, -a, smiling.

rival, m. , rival.

rizad-o, -a, curly.

robar, to rob.

robo, m. , theft, robbery.

roce, m. , movement, gliding.

rodear, to surround.

roj-o, -a, red.

Roma, f. , Rome.

romántic-o, -a, romantic.

romper, to break.

rompimiento, m. , cleft.

Ronda, prop. noun.

rondar, to walk around.

rosa, f. , rose.

Rosaura, prop. noun.

rostro, m. , face.

rot-o, -a, broken, leaky, destroyed; see echar.

ruego, m. , request.

ruido, m. , noise.

ruina, f. , ruin.

rumor, m. , sound.


saber, to know, know how, be aware.

saber, m. , knowledge.

sabiendas: a —, adv. , knowingly.

sabi-o, -a, wise.

sabio, m. , sage.

sabrán, fut. of saber.

sabremos, fut. of saber.

sacar, to take away, draw out, proceed, fashion; — todo el partidoposible de, to make the most of.

saciar, to satisfy, satiate.

saco, m. , bag, sack; see echar.

sacrificio, m. , sacrifice.

sacríleg-o, -a, sacrilegious.

sala, f. , hall, parlor, drawing-room.

salad-o, -a, funny, pleasing, facetious.

saldrá, fut. of salir.

saldría, cond. of salir.

sale, pres. of salir.

salen, pres. of salir.

salga, pres. subj. of salir.

salgamos, pres. subj. of salir.

salida, f. , exit, door.

salir, to go out, come out, appear, succeed.

salmodia, f. , chant, psalm.

salón, m. , parlor, drawing-room.

saltito, m. , little bound, leap, spring.

salud, f. , salvation, health.

saludable, healthful, wholesome.

saludar, to salute.

saludo, m. , salute, greeting.

salvación, f. , salvation.

Salvador, prop. noun.

salvaguardia, m. , safeguard, protection.

salvar, to save, preserve.

salv-o, -a, safe; en —, adv. , in safety.

san, see santo.

sanead-o, -a, chief, most important, clear, free.

sangre, f. , blood.

sanitari-o, -a, sanitary, healthful.

santamente, holily.

santidad, f. , sanctity, holiness.

sant-o, -a, holy, blessed.

santo, m. , saint.

santuario, m. , sanctuary, tabernacle.

Satanás, m. , Satan.

satisfacción, f. , satisfaction.

satisfacer, to satisfy.

satisfactori-o, -a, satisfactory.

satisfech-o, -a, past part. of satisfacer.

saturar, to saturate, steep.

se, himself, herself, itself, themselves.

, pres. of saber.

sea, pres. subj. of ser.

seamos, pres. subj. of ser.

sean, pres. subj. of ser.

seas, pres. subj. of ser.

secar, to dry.

secreto, m. , secret.

secundari-o, -a, secondary.

sed, f. , thirst; tener —, to be thirsty.

seguida, f. , following; en —, forthwith, directly, immediately.

seguidita, see seguida.

seguir, to continue, follow.

según, prep. , as, according to; , conj. , as.

segund-o, -a, second.

seguramente, certainly.

segur-o, -a, sure, certain.

seiscient-os, -as, six hundred.

selección, f. , selection.

semejante, like, similar.

sencillamente, simply.

sencillez, f. , simplicity.

sencill-o, -a, simple.

sendero, m. , path.

seno, m. , breast.

sentar, to seat, suit; refl. , to sit down, be seated; — la cabeza, tobecome serious.

sentencios-o, -a, sententious.

sentido, m. , sense, judgment.

sentimiento, m. , sentiment, feeling.

sentir, to feel, hear, perceive.

señal, m. , sign, indication.

señalar, to signal, point out.

señor, m. , sir, gentleman, Mr., Lord; pl. , señores, gentlemen, Mr.and Mrs.; ladies and gentlemen.

señora, f. , lady, Mrs.

señorita, f. , Miss, young lady.

señorito, m. , (young) gentleman, (young) Mr.

sepa, pres. subj. of saber.

sepamos, pres. subj. of saber.

separación, f. , separation.

separar, to separate.

sepulcro, m. , grave, tomb.

sepultura, f. , grave, tomb, interment.

ser, to be.

ser, m. , being.

serenidad, f. , serenity.

seren-o, -a, serene, calm.

seriedad, f. , seriousness.

seri-o, -a, serious.

sermón, m. , sermon, reprimand.

sermonari-o, -a, like one delivering a sermon.

serpiente, f. , serpent.

serrín, m. , sawdust.

servicio, m. , service, duty, tray.

servidumbre, f. , servants, help.

servilleta, f. , napkin.

servir, to serve.

sesenta, sixty.

sesgad-o, -a, oblique.

seso, m. , brain, mind, intellect.

setenta, seventy.

severidad, f. , severity.

sever-o, -a, severe.

si, why, indeed.

si, if.

, indeed, certainly, of course, yes; que —, so; — que, certainly,undoubtedly.

, himself, herself, itself, one's self.

sido, past part. of ser.

siempre, always, ever; — que, provided that.

sien, f. , temple; head.

siendo, pres. part. of ser.

sienta, pres. of sentar.

siente, sientes, pres. of sentir.

siento, pres. of sentir.

siete, seven.

sigas, pres. subj. of seguir.

sigilosamente, secretly, quietly,reservedly.

siglo, m. , age, century.

significar, to signify, represent.

signo, m. , sign.

sigo, pres. of seguir.

sigue, pres. of seguir.

sigue, imperat. of seguir.

siguen, pres. of seguir.

siguiente, following.

silencio, m. , silence.

silencios-o, -a, silent.

silla, f. , chair, seat.

simbolizar, to symbolize, typify.

simpátic-o, -a, sympathetic.

simpatizar, to sympathize, agree with.

simpleza, f. , silliness, simpleness, trick.

sin, prep. , without; — que, conj. , without.

sincer-o, -a, sincere.

singular, singular, strange.

singularísim-o, -a, very singular; very strange.

sino, but; — que, but.

sinsabor, m. , displeasure, sadness.

sintiendo, pres. part. of sentir.

síntoma, m. , symptom.

siquiera, at least.

sirva, pres. subj. of servir.

sirve, pres. of servir.

sirvieron, pret. of servir.

sirvo, pres. of servir.

sistema, m. , system.

sitio, m. , place.

situación, f. , situation.

sobra, f. , excess, surplus; de —, plenty, more than enough.

sobrar, to remain, have more than is necessary.

sobre, on, upon, above.

sobremesa, f. , dessert.

sobriedad, f. , sobriety.

sobrino, m. , nephew.

social, social.

sociedad, f. , society.

socorro, m. , aid, help, succor.

sofocar, to suffocate, choke.

sol, m. , sun; de — a —, from sunrise to sunset.

soledad, f. , solitude.

solemnidad, f. , solemnity.

soler, to be accustomed to.

solicitar, to solicit, invite.

solitari-o, -a, solitary.

solit-o, -a, alone, solitary.

sol-o, -a, sole, alone, single, solitary; a solas, alone, privately.

sólo, adv. , only.

soltar, to let loose, leave.

solución, f. , solution.

sombra, f. , shade, shadow, spectre.

sombrero, m. , hat.

sombrí-o, -a, gloomy, morose.

someter, to subject.

somos, pres. of ser.

son, pres. of ser.

sonar, to sound.

sonata, f. , sonata.

sonreir, to smile.

sonríe, pres. of sonreir.

sonriendo, pres. part. of sonreir.

sonrosar, to become rosy.

soñar, to dream, sleep.

sopita, f. , soup (small quantity).

soporte, m. , base, stand, block.

sor, f. , sister (religious).

sorprender, to surprise.

sosegar, to calm.

sosiega, imperat. of sosegar.

sosiego, m. , peace, quiet, tranquility.

sospecha, f. , suspicion.

sospechar, to suspect.

sostén, m. , support.

sostener, to sustain, maintain.

sostengo, pres. of sostener.