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lo, the, it, so.

lo, that; — que, what, whatever.

local, m. , place, spot.

loc-o, -a, mad, wild, crazy.

locura, f. , madness, absurdity.

locutorio, m. , parlor.

lógica, f. , logic.

lograr, to obtain, succeed.

Lolín, prop. noun.

Londres, m. , London.

Lope, prop. noun.

loquilla, f., silly little girl ( a diminutive of loca).

lote, m. , lot, share, allotment.

lozan-o, -a, exuberant, over-abundant.

lucid-o, -a, enlightened, clear.

lucir, to shine, show off, show to advantage, surpass.

lucha, f. , struggle.

luchar, to struggle.

luego, adv. , immediately, then, also; hasta —, good-bye for a littlewhile.

lugar, m. , place.

lujo, m. , luxury, costliness.

lujos-o, -a, costly, luxurious.

Lulú, prop. noun.

luminos-o, -a, luminous.

luna, f. , moon.

lunes, m. , Monday.

lu-z, f., pl. -ces, light.


llamar, to name, call, style.

llave, f. , key.

llegar, to reach, arrive, succeed; — a, to happen, come to.

llegue, pres. subj. of llegar.

lleguen, pres. subj. of llegar.

llenar, to fill.

llen-o, -a, full; de —, completely, entirely.

llevad, imperat. of llevar.

llevar, to carry, guide, lift, take, raise, keep up, maintain, conduct( sometimes used for haber).

llorar, to weep, cry.

lloriquear, to whine, cry.

lloros-o, -a, tearful.


maciz-o, -a, solid.

macizo, m. , solid part, cluster.

mademoiselle, miss ( French).

madera, f. , wood.

madre, f. , mother.

madrecita, f. , little mother.

Madrid, Madrid.

madriguera, f. , den, hole.

maestra, f. , mistress, teacher.

maestro, m. , master, teacher.

Magdalena, f. , Magdalene.

mágico, m. , magician, necromancer; el — prodigioso, thewonder-working magician.

magín, m. , imagination.

magnificencia, f. , magnificence.

magnífic-o, -a, rich, costly, splendid, magnificent.

magn-o, -a, great.

majestad, f. , majesty.

mal, m. , evil.

mal, adv. , badly.

maldad, f. , depravity, wickedness.

maldecir, to curse, blame.

maldigas, pres. subj. of maldecir.

maldit-o, -a, cursed, perverse.

malhumorad-o, -a, ill-humored, peevish.

malicia, f. , malice.

malicios-o, -a, malicious.

malign-o, -a, malignant, malicious.

mal-o, -a, evil, bad.

maltratar, to abuse, maltreat.

malla, f. , mesh, network.

mamparo, m. , partition.

mandar, to command, order, send.

manejar, to manage, employ.

manera, f. , manner.

manguito, m. , sleeve-protector.

manifestar, to manifest, declare.

manifiesta, pres. of manifestar.

manifieste, pres. subj. of manifestar.

mano, f. , hand.

manosear, to handle.

mantel, m. , tablecloth.

mantilla, f. , mantilla, head-cover.

manzana, f. , apple.

maña, f. , skill, cleverness, artifice, evil habit.

mañana, f. , morning; , adv. , tomorrow.

máquina, f. , machine, engine.

maquinación, f. , machination, conspiracy, plot.

maquinalmente, mechanically.

maquinaria, f. , machinery, mechanics.

mar, m. , sea.

maravilla, f. , wonder, marvel; a —, marvellously.

maravillos-o, -a, wonderful, marvellous.

marcar, to mark, designate, indicate.

marcha, f. , march, walk.

marchar, to go, march, move on, walk, progress; refl. , to go away,walk away.

mareante, monotonous.

María, f. , Mary.

Mariano, prop. noun.

marido, m. , husband.

Marqués, m. , marquis.

martirio, m. , martyrdom.

más, adv. , more, most; — bien, rather; de —, extra, too many;

—que, more than, other than; a —, in addition, besides.

mas, conj. , but, yet, however.

máscara, f. , mask, pretext.

matar, to kill.

matemática, f. , mathematics.

materia, f. , matter, subject; entrar en —, to commence a subject.

maternidad, f. , maternity, motherhood.

matrimonial, matrimonial.

matrimonio, m. , marriage, matrimony.

Máximo, prop. noun.

mayor, greater, older, greatest.

mayorcit-o, -a, little older.

me, me, to me, for me, myself.

mediana, f. , little thing.

median-o, -a, medium.

mediar, to intervene.

medicina, f. , medicine, cure.

medi-o, -a, half.

medio, m. , means, medium, agency, middle; en — de, in the midst of.

mediodía, m. , noon.

meditabund-o, -a, meditating.

meditación, f. , meditation.

meditar, to meditate.

medros-o, -a, fearful, timorous.

Mefistófeles, Mephistopheles.

mejilla, f. , cheek.

mejor, better, best.

melancólic-o, -a, sad, gloomy, melancholy.

memoria, f. , memory.

memorios-o, -a, full of memories, of recollections.

menester, m. , need; ser —, to be necessary.

menor, less, smaller.

menos, adv. , less, least; lo —, at least.

menos, except, unless.

mental, mental.

mente, f. , mind.

mentira, f. , lie, falsehood.

mentiros-o, -a, lying, false.

menudencia, f. , trifle, little thing.

menudillos, m. pl. , giblets.

mequetrefe, m. , fellow, intriguer.

merecer, to deserve, merit.

merezco, pres. of merecer.

mérito, m. , merit, worth.

mesa, f. , table.

metal, m. , metal.

metaloide, m. , metalloid.

metalúrgico, m. , metallurgist.

meter, to put, cause, interfere; refl. , to go, interfere.

mezclar, to mix, mingle.

mezquin-o, -a, mean, poor.

, me; ¡ay de —! alas for me! ¡triste de —! poor me!

mi, my.

miedo, m. , fear.

mientras, while, whilst.

mil, thousand.

milímetro, m. , millimetre.

militar, m. , soldier.

millón, m. , million.

millonada, f. , (about a) million.

mimosa, f. , sensitive plant.

mina, f. , mine.

mineral, mineral.

mínim-o, -a, least, smallest.

minuto, m. , minute.

mí-o, -a, my, mine; poss. pron. , el mío, la mía, mine.

mira, f. , aim; estar a la —, to be on the lookout.

mirada, f. , glance, gaze.

miradita, f. , (tender) little glance.

mirar, to look, observe, consider; — por, to look out for.

misa, f. , mass.

miseria, f. , misery, misfortune.

mism-o, -a, same, very, self, itself.

misterio, m. , mystery.

misterios-o, -a, mysterious.

místic-o, -a, mystical.

mitad, f. , half.

mixtificación, f. , mystification.

mocito, m. , young fellow.

modelo, m. , model.

modestia, f. , modesty.

modest-o, -a, modest.

modo, m. , mode, way, manner; de — que,so that.

mojar, to wet.

molestar, to molest, trouble.

molestísim-o, -a, very vexatious, very annoying.

molest-o, -a, vexatious.

momento, m. , time, moment; al —, at once, instantly.

monada, f. , grimace, little thing.

mondar, to pare, peel.

monísim-o, -a, pretty, nice.

monja, f. , nun.

monjil, m. , dress (of a nun).

monomanía, f. , monomania.

monstruo, m. , monster.

monstruos-o, -a, monstrous.

montaña, f. , mountain.

monte, m. , mountain, forest, thicket, difficulty.

morada, f. , abode, residence.

moral, moral.

morar, to inhabit, reside, dwell.

morder, to bite.

morir, to die.

mortificación, f. , affliction, mortification.

mortificar, to afflict, grieve.

mosaico, m. , mosaic.

moscardón, m. , gadfly.

mostrar, to show, pretend.

motivo, m. , motive, occasion.

mover, to move, impel.

móvil, movable.

movimiento, m. , movement.

muchacha, f. , girl.

muchísim-o, -a, very many, very much, very great.

much-o, -a, much, many.

mucho, adv. , much, greatly.

mudar, to change.

muero, pres. of morir.

muerte, f. , death.

muert-o, -a, dead.

muerto past part. of morir.

muestra, pres. of mostrar.

muestra, f. , indication, sign.

mueva, pres. subj. of mover.

muevas, pres. subj. of mover.

mueve, pres. of mover.

mujer, f. , wife, woman.

mujercita, f. , little woman.

múltiple, multiple, many.

mundan-o, -a, worldly, mundane.

mundito, m. , little world.

mundo, m. , world, society.

muñeca, f. , doll, puppet.

muñeco, m. , puppet.

murieron, pret. of morir.

murió, pret. of morir.

muro, m. , wall.

musaraña, f. , shrewmouse; pensar en las —s, not to give attention towhat you are doing.

música, f. , music.

mutación, f. , scene (in a theater).

muy, very, quite.


nacer, to be born.

nacisteis, pret. of nacer.

nada, nothing, anything.

nadie, no one, nobody.

narrador, m. , narrator.

natural, natural.

naturaleza, f. , nature.

naturalidad, f. , candor, naturalness.

naturalmente, naturally, of course.

navegación, f. , voyage, trip, passage.

necedad, f. , imprudence, foolishness.

necesari-o, -a, necessary.

necesitar, to need, want; necesito, I need.

negar, to deny, refuse.

negocio, m. , business, affair, transaction.

negr-o, -a, black.

nene, m. , baby.

nervio, m. , nerve.

nervios-o, -a, nervous.

ni, neither, nor.

niega, pres. of negar.

nigromántico, m. , necromancer.

ningún, see ninguno.

ningun-o, -a, any, none, no.

niña, f. , girl, child.

niñera, f. , nurse-girl, maid.

niñez, f. , childhood.

niño, m. , child, boy.

no, no, not; que —, of course not, no ( emphatic).

nobilísim-o, -a, very noble.

noble, noble.

noblemente, nobly.

noche, f. , night; de —, by night.

nombrar, to name, appoint.

nombre, m. , name.

normal, normal.

nos, us, to us.

nosotr-os, -as, we, us, ours, ourselves.

nota f. , note.

notar, to note, remark.

notario, m. , notary.

noticia, f. , notice, information, knowledge.

novedad, f. , novelty.

novela, f. , novel, story.

novicia, f. , novice, probationer.

novio, m. , suitor.

nube, f. , cloud.

nuestr-o, -a, our, ours.

Nueva, prop. noun.

nueve, nine.

nuev-o, -a, new, modern.

número, m. , number, figure.

nunca, never.


o, or.

obedecer, to obey, submit.

obediencia, f. , obedience.

objeto, m. , object, purpose, aim.

obligación, f. , obligation.

obligar, to oblige, compel.

obra, f. , work, deed.

obrero, m. , workman.

obscuramente, obscurely.

obscurecer, to obscure, darken.

obscuridad, f. , darkness, obscurity.

obscur-o, -a, obscure, dark, confused.

obsequiar, to pay attention to, treat.

observación, f. , observation.

observar, to observe.

obstáculo, m. , obstacle.

obtener, to obtain.

obtengamos, pres. subj. of obtener.

ocasión, f. , occasion, opportunity.

ocio, m. , leisure.

ocios-o, -a, idle, useless.

ocultar, to hide, conceal.

ocupación, f. , occupation, business.

ocupar, to occupy.

ocurrir, to occur, happen.

ocho, eight.

ochocient-os, -as, eight hundred.

odio, m. , aversion, hatred.

ofender, to offend.

ofrecer, to promise, offer.

ofrenda, f. , offering.

¡Oh! , oh!

oíd-o, -a, past part. of oír.

oído, m. , ear.

oiga, imperat. of oír.

oiga, pres. subj. of oír.

oigan, pres. subj. of oír.

oigo, pres. of oír.

oír, to hear, listen, understand.

oís, pres. of oír.

oíste, pret. of oír.

ojal, m. , buttonhole.

ojeriza, f. , spite, ill-will, hatred.

ojito, m. , little eye.

ojo, m. , eye.

Olimpo, m. , Olympus.

olvidar, to forget.

olvido, m. , oblivion, forgetfulness.

once, eleven.

operación, f. , operation, transaction.

operario, m. , workman, operative.

opinar, to think.

opinión, f. , opinion, idea, notion, impression.

oponer, to oppose.

oponga, pres. subj. of oponer.

oportunidad, f. , opportunity.

oprimir, to oppress.

oprobio, m. , ignominy, dishonor, shame.

opulencia, f. , wealth, opulence.

oración, f. , prayer.

oratorio, m. , oratory, chapel.

orden, f. , order.

ordenanza, m. , orderly, clerk.

ordenar, to arrange, assort, command, direct.

ordinario, m. , ordinary; de —, adv. , frequently, many times.

oreja, f. , ear.

organismo, m. , organism.

orgullo, m. , pride.

oro, m. , gold.

os, pl. , you, to you.

oso, m. , bear.

otr-o, -a, other, another; — tanto, so many.

Otumba, prop. noun.

oye, pres. of oír.

oye, imperat. of oír; ¡—! hear!

oyen, pres. of oír.

oyendo, pres. part. of oír.

oyes, pres. of oír.

oyese, imp. subj. of oír.


paciencia, f. , patience.

padecer, to suffer, bear.

padecer, m. , suffering.

padecimiento, m. , suffering.

padezco, pres. of padecer.

padre, m. , father; pl. , parents.

país, m. , country.

paisaje, m. , landscape.

paisajito, m. , little landscape.

pajarita, f. , little bird.

pájaro, m. , bird.

palabra, f. , word, speech; media —, hint.

palabrita, f. , word, little word full of meaning.

palacio, m. , house, palace.

palo, m. , blow (with a stick).

pan, m. , bread.

pandero, m. , tambourine, gabbler, chatterbox.

pantalla, f. , lampshade, firescreen.

Pantoja, prop. noun.

pañuelo, m. , handkerchief.

papá, m. , father.

papel, m. , part, rôle, paper, bill.

para, for, to, in order to; — que, in order that; ¿— qué?


paraíso, m. , Paradise.

parecer, to appear, seem.

parecer, m. , opinion, advice.

parecid-o, -a, like, similar, resembling.

pared, f. , wall.

pareja, f. , pair, couple.

parentela, f. , relatives, relations.

parezca, pres. subj. of parecer.

parezco, pres. of parecer.

pariente, m. , relative.

París, Paris.

parque, m. , park.

parte, f. , part, place; en otra —, adv. , elsewhere; a mala —


participar, to inform.

particularmente, specially, particularly.

partida, f. , departure.

partidari-o, -a, favorable.

partidario, m. , partisan.

partidario, partisan, favorable.

partido, m. , part.

partir, to part, depart.

pasadizo, m. , passage.

pasad-o, -a, past.

pasado, m. , past.

pasar, to pass, send, take, go on, be the matter, enter.

pasear, to walk; refl. , to walk about, walk to and fro.

paseo, m. , walk, drive.

pasión, f. , passion.

pasioncilla, f. , slight affection, fancy.

pasmar, to wonder, be astonished.

paso, m. , pace, step, gait, passage.

patadita, f. , little step, little stamp.

paternal, paternal.

paternalmente, paternally.

paternidad, f. , paternity.

patern-o, -a, paternal.

patétic-o, -a, pathetic.

patio, m. , yard, (interior) courtyard.

patita, f. , little foot.

patrocinio, m. , protection, patronage.

Patros, prop. noun.

pausa, f. , pause.

pausar, to pause.

paz, f. , peace.

pecado, m. , sin.

pecador, m. , sinner.

pecadora, f. , sinner.

pedacito, m. , little piece.

pedir, to ask, demand.

pegar, to beat, fire, throw; — fuego a, to set fire to.

pégue (me), imperat. of pegar.

peldaño, m. , step.

pelear, to fight, contend.

peligro, m. , danger, peril.

pelito, m. , little hair.

pelo, m. , hair.

pena, f. , pain, grief, trouble.

penetración, f. , penetration.

penetrar, to penetrate.

penita, f. , little pain, little grief.

penitencia, f. , penitence, repentance.

penitente m. and f. , penitent.

penos-o, -a, difficult.

pensamiento, m. , thought, mind.

pensar, to think, mean, intend.

pensativ-o, -a, pensive, thoughtful.

peor, worse, worst.

Pepito, Joe.

pequeñit-o, -a, younger, very small.

pequeñ-o, -a, little, small.

pequeñuel-o, -a, little, small.

perceptible, perceptible.

perder, to lose, miss, destroy, ruin.

perdición, f. , ruin, perdition.

pérdida, f. , loss, waste.

perdón, m. , pardon, remission.

perdonar, to pardon.

perecer, to die, perish.

perezco, pres. of perecer.

perezos-o, -a, lazy, slow.

perfect-o, -a, perfect, complete.

perfilar, to draw in outline, sketch.

permanecer, to stay, remain.

permanezcas, pres. subj. of permanecer.

permiso, m. , permit, permission.

permitir, to permit.

pero, but.

perrería, f. , evil thoughts, bad things.

Perret, prop. noun.

perseguir, to purchase.

perseverancia, f. , perseverance.

perseverante, persevering.

persona, f. , person.

personaje, m. , personage, character in a play.

persuadir, to persuade; refl. , to be persuaded.

persuasión, f. , persuasion.

pertenecer, to belong.

pertenezco, pres. of pertenecer.

perturbador, m. , disturber.

pesadilla, f. , nightmare.

pesar, to weigh, repent, trouble.

peseta, f. , peseta (about 20 cents).

peso, m. , weighing.

peto, m. , stomacher.

petrificar, to petrify.

piano, m. , piano.

pícara, f. , rogue, rascal.

picardía, f. , malice, roguery, ill-will, maliciousness.

pico, m. , fraction.

pida, imperat. of pedir.

pide, imperat. of pedir.

pides, pres. of pedir.

pidiendo, pres. part. of pedir.

pidió, pret. of pedir.

pido, pres. of pedir.

pie, m. , foot; en —, standing.

piedad, f. , piety, pity, mercy.

piedra, f. , stone.

piensa, pres. of pensar.

piensas, pres. of pensar.

piense, pres. subj. of pensar.

pienso, pres. of pensar.

pierda, imperat. of perder; — cuidado, rest assured.

pierda, pres. subj. of perder.

pierdas, pres. subj. of perder.

pierde, pres. of perder.

pierdo, pres. of perder.

pieza, f. , piece.

Pilar, prop. noun.

pintar, to paint, depict, describe.

pisar, to trample.

piso, m. , floor, story; — bajo, ground floor.

placenter-o, -a, joyful, merry.

placidez, f. , placidity, peacefulness.

plan, m. , plan.

plancha, f. , smoothing-iron; cuarto de la —, laundry.

planchar, to iron.

planetari-o, -a, planetary.

plano, m. , plan.

planta, f. , plant.

plantear, to plant, establish, outline.

plantón, m. , delay.

platicar, to converse.

plato, m. , plate, dish.

platónic-o, -a, Platonic.

plen-o, -a, full, complete.

plomo, m. , lead.

pluma, f. , pen.

plural, plural.

pobre, poor; la —, poor woman; ¡— de mí! poor me!

pobrecit-o, -a, poor little.

pobrecito, m. , poor little fellow, poor young man.

pobreza, f. , poverty, indigence.

poc-o, -a, little, few.

poco, m. , little, short time.

poco, adv. , little.

podamos, pres. subj. of poder.

poder, to be able, can.

poder, m. , power.

poderos-o, -a, powerful.

podrá, fut. of poder.

podrán, fut. of poder.

podrás, fut. of poder.

podré, fut. of poder.

podremos, fut. of poder.

podría, cond. of poder.

podrías, cond. of poder.

poeta, m. , poet.

poétic-o, -a, poetical.

polizonte, m. , spy.