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cuente, pres. subj. of contar.

cuente, imperat. of contar.

cuento, pres. of contar.

cuento, m. , tale; ser mucho —, it is too bad; it is too much.

cuerda, f. , cord, spring, force; por bajo —, adv. , secretly.

cuerd-o, -a, prudent.

cuerpecito, m. , little body.

cuerpo, m. , body.

Cuesta, prop. noun.

cueste, pres. subj. of costar; — lo que —, at any cost.

cuestión, f. , question.

cuidado, m. , care, fear, solicitude.

¡cuidado! , look out! take care!

cuidados-o, -a, careful.

cuidar, to care for, look after, take care.

culpa, f. , fault, transgression.

culpable, guilty.

cultivar, to cultivate.

cumplir, to fulfil, complete.

cuna, f. , cradle.

curar, to cure.

curiosidad, f. , curiosity.

curiosill-o, -a, somewhat curious, a little curious.

curso, m. course, course of lectures.

curva, f. curve.

custodiar, to guard.

cuy-o, -a, whose.


charla, f. , chatter.

charlar, to chatter, chat.

chic-o, -a, small, little.

chico, m. , little one, little boy.

chifladura, f. , mania, whim.

chillido, m. , cry, scream.

chiquilla, f. , little girl.

chiquillada, f. , puerility, childishness.

chiquill-o, -a, small, little, ( a diminutive of chico).

chiquillo, m. , little boy.

chiquitín, -a, small, little, young.

chiquitit-o, -a, little, young.

chiquit-o, -a, little, young.

chispear, to sparkle.

¡chist! an exclamation (silence).

¡chitón! hush!

chopo, m. , poplar tree.


da, imperat. of dar.

Dante, prop. noun.

daño, m. , harm, damage.

daños-o, -a, harmful.

dar, to give, cause, make; — un paso, to take a step; refl. ,

tono,to praise one's self; — a, to look out upon, open into;

parte, toinform; — prisa, to hurry.

de, of, to, with, in, by, at.

, pres. subj. of dar.

deber, to owe, ought; — de, must have; — ser, must be.

deber, m. , duty.

debid-o, -a, due, proper.

debiera, imp. subj. of deber.

débil, weak, feeble.

debilidad, f. , weakness.

debió, pret. of deber.

decente, decent, becoming.

decidir, to determine, decide.

decir, to say, tell, call; es —, that is to say.

decir, m., saying; es un —, it is a way of speaking.

decisión, f. , decision.

declaración, f. , declaration.

declarar, to declare, explain.

decoración, f. , decoration.

decorar, to decorate.

decoro, m. , honor.

decoros-o, -a, decorous, decent.

dedicar, to dedicate.

defender, to defend.

defensa, f. , defense.

defensor, m. , defender, protector.

defiende, pres. of defender.

defiende, imperat. of defender.

defiendo, pres. of defender.

dejar, to leave, allow, let, forsake, cease, disturb.

dejo, m. , accent.

del = de + el.

delantal, m. , apron.

delante, adv. , before; — de, before.

delegado, deputy, delegate.

deleitar, to delight.

deletrear, to spell.

delicad-o, -a, delicate.

delicios-o, -a, delicious.

delirar, to rave, talk nonsense.

delirio, m. , delirium.

delito, m. , crime, transgression.

demás, besides; los —, the others.

demasiad-o, -a, too great, too much, excessive.

demasiado, adv. , too much, excessively.

demonio, m. , demon.

demos, pres. subj. of dar.

demostrar, to show, demonstrate.

demuestra, pres. of demostrar.

den, pres. subj. of dar.

dentro, adv. , within; — de, prep. , within.

deprimir, to humble.

derech-o, -a, right, straight, just.

desabrimiento, m. , dejection, asperity.

desafiar, to defy, challenge.

desagradar, to displease.

desagraviar, to make amends.

desairad-o, -a, unfortunate.

desaliento, m. , dismay.

desamparada, forsaken.

desapacible, rough, disagreeable.

desaparecer, to disappear.

desatar, to untie.

desatinar, to talk nonsense, be wild.

desavenencia, f. , discord, dissension.

desazón, f. , uneasiness, trouble.

desbaratar, to destroy.

descalabrar, to wound the head.

descansar, to rest, repose, pause.

descanso, m. , rest, peace.

descargo, m. , discharge, acquitment.

descarriar, to lead astray.

desconfiar, to distrust, doubt, suspect.

desconocer, to ignore.

desconocid-o, -a, unknown.

desconozco, pres. of desconocer.

desconsolad-o, -a, disconsolate.

descontar, to discount.

descubiert-o, -a, bare, uncovered.

descubierto, past part. of descubrir.

descubrimiento, m. , discovery.

descubrir, to discover.

descuidar, to neglect, relieve from care, not to care; refl. , to benegligent.

desde, prep. , since, after, from; — que, conj. , since;

ahora, adv. , immediately.

desdichad-o, -a, unfortunate.

desear, to wish, wish for, desire.

desempeñar, to take, accept, fulfil.

deseo, m. , desire, wish.

desequilibrio, m. , lack of equilibrium.

desesperación, f. , despair.

desesperad-o, -a, desperate.

desgracia, f. , misfortune, calamity; por —, unfortunately.

desgraciadamente, disgracefully.

desgraciadísim-o, -a, very unfortunate.

desgraciad-o, -a, unfortunate.

deshacer, to destroy, crush.

deshonrar, to dishonor.

desidia, f. , indolence.

deslumbrante, dazzling, brilliant.

desmayad-o, -a, pale, weak.

desmayo, m. , dismay, terror, fear.

desmoralizar, to demoralize.

desorden, m. , excess, confusion, disorder, turmoil.

despacio, gently, little by little.

despachar, to despatch, send off, be busy, be engaged.

despacho, m. , office.

despedir, to take leave, dismiss, discharge.

despediste, pret. of despedir.

despertar, to awake.

despiadad-o, -a, cruel, heartless.

despidiendo, pres. part. of despedir.

despierta, imperat. of despertar.

despierte, pres. subj. of despertar.

despiert-o, -a, awake, vigilant.

desplegar, to display.

despliegan, pres. of desplegar.

desplomar, to overhang, burst out.

despotismo, m. , despotism.

despreciar, to despise, disdain, scorn.

desprecio, m. , contempt, scorn.

desprender, to free one's self.

después, adv. , afterward, since, then; — de, prep. , after.

desquiciar, to unhinge, shake.

destacar, refl. , to be detached.

destinar, to destine, appoint.

destornillad-o, -a, rash, thoughtless, indiscreet.

destrozo, m. havoc, destruction.

destructor, -a, destroyer.

destruir, to destroy.

destruyamos, pres. subj. of destruir.

destruye, pres. of destruir.

desvalid-o, -a, destitute.

desvanecer, refl., to vanish, fade away.

desvanecid-o, -a, vague.

desvarío, m. , caprice, delirium, wildness.

desvergonzad-o, -a, impudent, shameless.

desvirtuar, to take away the strength.

detener, to stop, detain, check, stay.

detengas, pres. subj. of detener.

detengo, pres. of detener.

determinación, f. , resolution, determination.

determinar, to determine, decide.

detestablemente, detestably.

detestar, to detest, abhor.

detiene, pres. of detener.

detrás, behind.

devoción, f. , devotion.

devolved, imperat. of devolver.

devolver, to return, restore.

devorar, to devour, swallow.

di, pret. of dar.

di(me), imperat. of decir; — que sí, say yes, say so; — que no, sayno, of course not.

día, m. , day; el mejor —, adv. , some fine day, one of these days; de —, by day; el — de mañana, in the future.

diablillo, m. , little demon, little rascal.

diablo, m. , devil.

diablura, f. deviltry.

diabólic-o, -a, devilish, diabolical.

diálogo, m. , dialogue.

diámetro, m. , diameter.

diariamente, daily.

Díaz, prop. noun.

dibujar, to draw, sketch, design, outline.

dibujo, m. , drawing, sketch.

dice, pres. of decir.

dicen, pres. of decir.

dices, pres. of decir.

diciendo, pres. part. of decir.

dictar, to dictate, suggest.

dicha, f. , joy, pleasure.

dich-o, -a, past part. of decir.

dichos-o, -a, happy, blessed.

diera, imp. subj. of dar.

dieron, pret. of dar.

diez, ten.

difícil, difficult.

difícilmente, with difficulty.

dificultad, f. , difficulty.

difunt-o, -a, dead, deceased.

diga, pres. subj. of decir.

diga, imperat. of decir.

digamos, pres. subj. of decir.

digas, pres. subj. of decir.

dignidad, f. , dignity.

dign-o, -a, worthy, suitable.

digo, pres. of decir.

dije, pret. of decir.

dijeron, pret. of decir.

dijisteis, pret. of decir.

dijo, pret. of decir.

diligencia, f. ., diligence, business, affair.

dínamo, f. , dynamo.

dinero, m. , money.

dio, pret. of dar.

Dios, m. , God; pl. , gods; ¡por —! for goodness sake; ¡—!

gracious; ¡— mío! dear me.

diplomático, m. , diplomatist, astute person.

dirá, fut. of decir.

dirás fut. of decir.

diré, fut. of decir.

diría, cond. of decir.

dirigir, to direct.

discernimiento, m. , discernment.

disciplina, f. , discipline, training.

discípula, f. , disciple, scholar.

discípulo, m. , disciple, scholar.

discret-o, -a, discreet, ingenious.

disculpable, excusable.

discurrir, to devise, invent, contrive.

discusión, f. , discussion.

disentir, to dissent, disagree.

disfrutar, to enjoy.

disgusto, m. , disgust, grief, ill-humor.

disienta, pres. subj. of disentir.

disimular, to hide, disguise.

disimulo, m. , dissimulation; con —, quietly, secretly.

dislocad-o, -a, restless.

disparar, to shoot, go rapidly.

disparatar, to act or talk absurdly.

dispendios-o, -a, costly, expensive.

dispensar, to excuse.

displicencia, f. , displeasure, dislike.

displicente, fretful.

dispón, imperat. of disponer.

disponer, to dispose, prepare, arrange.

disponga, pres. subj. of disponer.

dispongamos, pres. subj. of disponer.

disposición, f. , disposition, aptitude.

dispuesto, past part. of disponer.

disputar, to dispute, argue.

distancia, f. , distance.

distinción, f. , distinction.

distinguir, to distinguish, favor, honor.

distint-o, -a, distinct, different.

distraer, to distract.

distraído, past part. of distraer.

divagar, to wander.

divers-o, -a, different.

divertid-o, -a, joyous.

divertir, to amuse, entertain.

divinidad, f. , divinity, goddess.

divin-o, -a, divine.

doble, double.

doce, twelve.

doler, to pain, give pain.

dolor, m. , pain, affliction, grief, sorrow.

dolorid-o, -a, afflicted, grieved, tormented.

doloros-o, -a, painful, sorrowful.

dominar, to rule, dominate.

dominio, m. , dominion, authority.

don, m. , a title used before the baptismal names of men.

donaire, m. , witty saying, joke.

donde, where, wherever.

¿dónde? where? ¿a —? whither? ¿de —? whence?

doña, f. , a title used before the baptismal names of women.

dormidit-o, -a, asleep.

dormir, to sleep.

dormitorio, m. , dormitory.

Dorotea, f. , Dorothy.

dos, two.

doscient-os, -as, two hundred.

dotar, to endow.

doy, pres. of dar.

dubitativ-o, -a, doubtful.

duda, f. , doubt.

dudar, to doubt.

dudos-o, -a, doubtful, uncertain.

duele, pres. of doler.

duelen, pres. of doler.

dueña, f. , mistress.

dueño, m. , master.

duerme, imperat. of dormir.

dulce, sweet, gentle.

dulcísim-o, -a, very sweet.

dulzura, f. , gentleness, sweetness.

durmiendo, pres. part. of dormir.

dur-o, -a, hard, stubborn.


¡ea! come!

eco, m. , echo.

echar, to put, put aside, depose, set, begin, cart out, throw; refl. ,to lie down, rest; no — en saco roto, do not forget; — a reír, tobegin to laugh.

edad, f. , age.

edificio, m. , building.

educación, f. , education.

efecto, m. , effect; en —, in fact.

eficacia, f. , efficacy, energy.

eficacísim-o, -a, most efficacious.

efica-z, pl. -ces, efficacious.

efusión, f. , effusion, effusiveness.

egoísmo, m., egoism, selfishness.

egoísta, egoist, selfish.

¡eh! , eh! say!

eje, m. , axle, axis.

ejemplar, exemplary.

ejemplo, m. , example.

ejército, m. , army.

el, la, lo, the.

él, la, lo, that; pl. , those.

él, ella, ello, he, him, she, her, it.

elección, f. , choice, selection, election.

Electra, prop. noun.

electricidad, f. , electricity.

eléctric-o, -a, electrical.

electrotecnia, f. , electricity.

elefante, m. , elephant.

elegante, elegant, fine.

elegantísim-o, -a, very elegant.

elegir, to choose.

Eleuteria, prop. noun.

elevación, f. , dignity, elevation, loftiness.

elevad-o, -a, high, elevated, noble.

eligiendo, pres. part. of elegir.

eligió, pret. of elegir.

elija, pres. subj. of elegir.

elocuencia, f. , eloquence.

elogiar, to praise.

elogio, m. , praise, eulogy.

ella, she, her, it; pl. , them.

ello, it; pl. , they, them.

emancipación, f. , emancipation.

embarullar, to confound, confuse.

embebecer, to amuse, enrapture.

embelesar, to amaze, astonish.

embellecer, to embellish, adorn.

embestida, f. , attack, assault.

embobar, to amuse.

emisión, f. , emission, issuing.

emoción, f. , emotion, agitation.

empecé, pret. of empezar.

empedernir, to harden.

empeñar, to insist upon, enter into, determine.

empeorar, to make worse.

empezar, to begin, commence.

empieza, pres. of empezar.

empiezan, pres. of empezar.

emplear, to employ, invest; — en dobles, to carry over.

emprender, to undertake.

empresa, f. , enterprise, design.

empujar, to push.

en, in, at, to, on, upon, about.

enarenar, to gravel.

encantador, -a, enchanting, charming.

encantar, to charm, enchant.

encanto, m. , charm, enchantment.

encargar, to charge; refl. , to attend to, take charge of.

encargo, m. , commission.

encargué, pret. of encargar.

encariñar, refl. , to become fond of, in love with.

encenagar, refl. , to wallow in vice, sink to the lowest depth.

encenagué, pret. of encenagar.

encender, to kindle, light.

encerrar, to shut up, confine.

enciende, pres. of encender.

encima, upon.

encomendar, to recommend.

encomiendo, pres. of encomendar.

encomiar, to praise, eulogize.

encomiástic-o, -a, eulogistic.

encontrar, to meet, find.

encubrir, to hide, conceal.

encuentra, pres. of encontrar.

encuentre, pres. subj. of encontrar.

encuentro, pres. of encontrar.

enderezar, to rectify, strengthen.

enemigo, m. , enemy.

energía, f. , energy.

enfadar, to vex, become angry.

enfermedad, f. , illness, sickness.

enfermería, f. , infirmary.

enferm-o, -a, sick, invalid.

enfrente, adv. , opposite; de —, opposite, in front.

enfurecer, refl. , to become angry, grow boisterous.

engañar, to deceive.

engaño, m. , trick, deceit, misunderstanding.

enjambre, m. , crowd, multitude.

enlazar, to clasp.

enloquecer, to madden, drive crazy.

enmendar, to correct, repair.

enmienda, f. , reward.

ennegrecer, to darken, blacken.

enojar, to offend, anger, be angry, vex.

enojo, m. , anger, grief.

enojos-o, -a, irritating, tiresome.

enorme, enormous, vast.

enormidad, f. , a large sum, amount.

enredar, to entangle, ensnare, throw things into disorder, frolic.

enriquecer, to enrich, grow rich.

Enriquetilla, Henrietta.

ensayo, m. , essay, test, trial.

enseñanza, f. , teaching, instruction; — superior, higher education.

enseñar, to teach, show.

ensuciar, to soil, stain, harm.

ensueño, m. , dream, vision.

entablar, to start, commence.

entender, to learn, comprehend, understand; refl. , to understand,refer to, agree with.

entendimiento, m. , judgment, mind, reason.

enteramente, entirely.

enterar, to inform, acquaint; refl. , to become aware.

entereza, f. , firmness of mind, strength of will.

enter-o, -a, entire, full, complete.

entero, m. , point; ( expression of the stock exchange).

enterrar, to inter, bury.

entienda, pres. subj., of entender.

entiende, pres. of entender.

entiendo, pres. of entender.

entierro, pres. of enterrar.

entonar, to intone, sing.

entonces, then, at that time.

entorpecimiento, m. , torpor, obstacle.

entrada, f. , door, gate, entrance.

entrañablemente, affectionately.

entrar, to enter; — en edad, to grow older.

entre, among, between.

entregar, to deliver, hand over.

entretener, to amuse, entertain, talk.

entretiene, pres. of entretener.

entretuviera, imp. subj. of entretener.

entusiasmar, to transport, enrapture.

entusiasmo, m. , enthusiasm.

envejecer, to grow old.

envejecid-o, -a, grown old.

envenenar, to poison.

enviar, to send.

envilecer, to debase, degrade one's self.

envío, m. , remittance.

envolver, to involve, confuse.

equivalente, equivalent.

equivaler, to be equivalent.

equivocación, f. , mistake, error.

equivocar, refl. , to be mistaken.

equivoques, pres. subj. of equivocar.

era, imp. of ser.

eres, pres. of ser.

erial, m. , barren or unproductive land.

ermitaño, m. , hermit.

error, m. , error.

es, pres. of ser.

escabullir, refl. , to escape, slip away.

escalera, f. , staircase.

escalinata, f. , staircase.

escándalo, m. , scandal.

escapar, to escape, slip away.

escarbar, to scratch, scrape.

escarnecer, to mock, ridicule.

escasísim-o, -a, very little, very small.

escena, f. , scene, stage.

esclarecer, to lighten, enlighten.

esclava, f. , slave, captive.

esclavitud, f. , slavery, servitude.

esclavizar, to enslave.

escoger, to select, choose.

esconder, to hide, conceal.

escondrijo, m. , hiding place, hole.

escribir, to write.

escrit-o, -a, past part. of escribir.

escrito, m. , writing.

escritura, f. , writing.

escrúpulo, m. , doubt, scruple.

escuadrón, m. , squadron, troop of horse.

escuchar, to listen.

ese, esa, that.

ése, ésa, eso, that, that one, that of yours.

esencial, essential.

esfuerzo, m. , effort.

esgrimir, to fence, hold.

eso, see ése; , — es, all right, just so; — si, of course.

espalda, f. , back, shoulder.

espantar, to frighten, terrify.

espantos-o, -a, terrible, frightful.

España, f. , Spain.

especialísim-o, -a, very special, very particular.

especialidad, f. , specialty.

espectador, m. , spectator.

espejo, m. , mirror.

esperanza, f. , hope, wish.

esperar, to hope, expect, wait, wait for.

espesura, f. , grove.

espíritu, m. , spirit, soul, courage, mind.

espiritual, spiritual.

espiritualidad, f. , spirituality.

espléndid-o, -a, splendid, magnificent.

esplendor, m. , splendor.

espontaneidad, f. , spontaneity.

esposa, f. , wife.

esposo, m. , husband.

espuela, f. , spur.

está, pres. of estar.

establecer, to establish.

estacazo, m. , blow (with a stick).

estado, m. , state, condition.

estáis, pres. of estar.

estallar, to burst.

estameña, f. , serge, coarse cloth.

estancia, f. , house, room.

estante, m. , shelf, stand.

estantería, f. , set of bookshelves.

estar, to be, remain; — de, to be engaged in.

estás, pres. of estar.

este, esta, this.

éste, ésta, esto, this, this one, the latter.

esté, pres. subj. of estar.

estilo, m. , style.

estimación, f. , estimation, esteem, respect.

estimar, to esteem.

estimular, to incite, stimulate.

esto, see éste.

estómago, m. , stomach.

estopa, f. , tow.

estorbar, to obstruct, interrupt.

estoy, pres. of estar.

estrangular, to strangle.

estrella, f. , star.

estribo, m. , stirrup.

estrofa, f. , strophe.

estudiantil, studentlike.

estudiar, to study.

estudio, m. , study.

estupor, m. , stupor, astonishment.

estuviera, imp. subj. of estar.

estuviste, pret. of estar.

estuvo, pret. of estar.

eternamente, eternally, forever.

eternidad, f. , eternity.