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aplaudir, to applaud.

aplauso, m. , applause.

aplazar, to put off.

aplicación, f. , application.

aplicar, to adapt, apply.

apliquemos, pres. subj. of aplicar.

apoderado, m. , attorney.

apoderar, refl. , to take possession of.

aposento, m. , room.

apostar, to bet, wager.

apoyar, to favor, support.

apreciar, to appreciate.

aprender, to learn.

aprensión, f. , apprehension, imagination.

apresurar, to hurry, hasten.

apropiad-o, -a, suitable, appropriate.

aprovechar, to improve, employ.

aproximar, to approach, bring near.

apuntar, to note, note down.

apunte, m. , note, sketch.

apuro, m. , want, affliction.

aquel, -la, -lo, that.

aquél, -la, -lo, the one, that one.

aquí, here; por —, here, hereabouts, in this place; henos —, here weare.

arañar, to scratch.

árbol, m. , tree.

arbolado, m. , grove, forest.

arbusto, m. , bush, shrub.

arcano, m. , secrecy, depth.

arco, m. , arch.

arder, to burn, glow.

ardiente, heated, vehement.

ardor, m. , ardor, fervor.

argucia, f. , quibble, evasion.

aridez, f. , aridity, dryness.

armar, to arm; refl. , to begin, be stirred up.

armonía, f. , harmony.

arquitectura, f. , architecture.

arrancar, to draw, snatch away, run away.

arrastrar, to drag, draw.

arrebatar, to snatch, attract, charm.

arrebato, m. , sudden attack.

arreciar, to increase.

arredrar, to terrify.

arregladit-o, -a, regular.

arreglar, to adjust, get ready, arrange, put in order.

arrepentimiento, m. , repentance.

arrepentir, refl. , to repent.

arrepienten, pres. of arrepentir.

arriba, above, beyond, upstairs, high.

arrodillar, to kneel down.

arrogancia, f. , arrogance.

arrojar, to cast, throw, cast off, throw off, give forth, pour.

arro-z, m., pl. -ces, rice.

arte, m. and f. , art.

artífice, m. , artificer.

artificio, m. , artifice, craft, machine.

artista, f. , artist.

artístic-o, -a, artistic.

ascender, to ascend, mount, amount.

ascétic-o, -a, ascetic.

asciende, pres. of ascender.

asediar, to besiege, beset, seize.

asegurar, to assure.

asentar, to settle, establish.

asentimiento, m. , assent.

asfixiante, suffocating.

asfixiar, refl. , to be stifled.

así, so, thus, just.

asilo, m. , asylum, house of refuge.

asimilar, to assimilate.

asociar, to associate.

asomar, to show, place, appear suddenly.

asombrar, to frighten, astonish.

asombro, m. , fear, dread.

aspecto, m. , look, aspect.

astro, m. , star.

astucia, f. , craft, deceit, artifice.

astut-o, -a, subtle, astute, shrewd.

asunto, m. , matter, affair, subject.

asustar, to frighten, terrify.

atar, to tie.

atareadísim-o,-a, very busy.

atención, f. , attention.

atender, to attend, look after.

atent-o, -a, attentive.

aterrar, to terrify.

atienden, pres. of atender.

atinadísim-o, -a, very prudent, very careful.

atónit-o, -a, amazed, stupefied.

atontar, to stun, stupefy.

atormentar, to torment.

atracción, f. , attraction.

atrás, behind.

atrever, refl. , to dare, venture.

atrevimiento, m. , boldness.

atropellar, to fall, descend, lower; refl. , hasten, crowd.

aturdir, to be astounded.

aumentar, to augment, increase.

aún, aun, still, yet, even.

aunque, although.

ausencia, f. , absence.

ausente, absent.

auster-o, -a, austere.

autor, m. , author.

autoridad, f. , authority.

autorizar, to authorize.

auxiliar, auxiliary, assistant.

auxiliar, to help, aid.

auxilio, m. , aid, assistance.

avalorar, to animate.

avanzar, to advance.

aventurar, to venture, risk.

avergonzadísim-o, -a, very bashful, very much embarrassed.

avergonzar, to shame, be ashamed, be bashful, be embarrassed.

avergüenzas, pres. of avergonzar.

ávid-o, -a, eager.

avisar, to advise, warn.

¡ay! alas! oh! ¡— de mí! alas for me!

ayer, yesterday.

ayuda, f. , aid, help.

ayudante, m. , assistant.

ayudar, to help.

azotar, to whip.

azote, m. , whip; dar —s, to punish.

azucarillo, m. , confectionery.


Bach, prop. noun.

bajar, to descend, lower.

baj-o, -a, low, short, under, humble.

bajo-relieve, m. , bas-relief.

balanza, f. , scale, balance.

Balbina, prop. noun.

banco, m. , bench.

bandeja, f. , tray, salver.

Bárbara, prop. noun.

barbarie, f. , barbarousness.

barbilindo, fop.

barbilla, f. , chin.

Barcelona, prop. noun.

barra, f. , bar, ingot.

¡basta! enough!

bastante, enough, sufficient.

bastar, to suffice, be enough.

batalla, f. , battle.

batería, f. , battery.

Bayona, Bayonne.

beaterio, m. , convent.

beatífic-o, -a, beatific, blissful.

Beethoven, prop. noun.

belleza, f. , beauty.

bendecir, to bless.

bendiciendo, pres. part. of bendecir.

bendiga, pres. subj. of bendecir.

bendit-o, -a, blessed, sainted.

benéfic-o, -a, beneficent, charitable.

benign-o, -a, kind, benign.

berrinche, m. , anger, quarrel.

besar, to kiss.

besito, m. , little kiss.

beso, m. , kiss.

bestia, f. , beast, animal.

bíblic-o, -a, biblical.

biblioteca, f. , library.

bibliotecaria, f. , librarian.

bien, well, certainly, very well.

bien, m. , good; —es, pl. , property, riches; —es de fortuna,worldly treasures.

bienestar, m. , comfort, well being.

bienhechor, -a, beneficent.

bigote, m. , mustache.

bilbaín-o, -a, native of Bilbao.

Bilbao, prop. noun.

billete, m. , note.

bizcocho, m. , biscuit.

blanc-o, -a, white.

blancura, f. , whiteness.

blusa, f. , blouse.

bob-o, -a, stupid, simple, foolish.

boca, f. , mouth, entrance.

boda, f. , marriage, wedding.

bodega, f. , wine cellar.

bofetada, f. , buffet, blow, slap.

Bolsa, f. , stock exchange.

bolsillo, m. , pocket.

bollito, m. , roll, cake.

bombo, m. , large drum; dar —, to praise.

bonit-o, -a, nice, pretty.

borrachera, f. , folly, frenzy.

borros-o, -a, indistinct.

¡bravo! bravo! good for you!

brazo, m. , arm.

brevedad, f. , brevity.

brillantísim-o, -a, most brilliantly.

brindar, to drink (to health).

brío, m. , strength, courage.

broma, f. , jest.

bruscamente, abruptly, suddenly.

brutalidad, f. , brutality.

brutalmente, brutally.

brut-o, -a, rough, coarse.

bruto, m. , brute.

buen-o, -a, good, kind.

bullicio, m. , noise, clamor, uproar.

Bunsen, prop. noun.

Burdeos, m. , Bordeaux.

burla, f. , jest, trick.

burlar, to ridicule, laugh at, deceive; refl. , to jest, make fun of.

burlón, -a, waggish, jesting, mocking.

burro, m. , donkey.

busca, f. , search.

buscar, to seek, search.

buzón, m. , letter box.


caballero, m. , gentleman.

caballerosidad, f. , nobleness, generosity.

caballo, m. , horse.

cabecera, f. , head of a bed.

cabello, m. , hair.

caber, to be contained, be possible; no — en, to be incapable.

cabeza, f. , head; sentar la —, to become serious.

cable, m. , cable.

caciquismo, m. , great cunning.

cachazud-o, -a, inactive, very slow.

cada, each, every.

Cádiz, Cadiz.

caer, to fall, decline.

café, m. , coffee.

cáfila, f. , crowd, multitude.

caído, past part. of caer.

caiga, etc., pres. subj. of caer.

calavera, f. , wild, reckless fellow.

calculista, m. and f. , mathematician.

cálculo, m. , reckoning, calculation.

Calderón, prop. noun.

caldo, m. , broth.

calidad, f. , kind, quality.

calma, f. , calm.

calmar, to calm.

calor, m. , heat.

calladit-o, -a, very silent, very quiet.

callar, to conceal, be silent.

calle, f. , street.

callejuela, f. , detour, subterfuge.

cama, f. , bed.

cambiar, to alter, change.

camino, m. , road, path, course; — sesgado, crossroad, detour.

campaña, f. , campaign.

camposanto, m. , cemetery.

cana, f. , , pl. , gray hair.

candor, m. , honesty, candor, frankness.

cansancio, m. , weariness.

cansar, to weary, fatigue.

cantar, to sing.

cantidad, f. , quantity, portion.

canto, m. , song, singing.

caña, f. , cane, reed.

capital, m. , capital (money or stock).

capítulo, m. , chapter.

caprichos-o, -a, capricious.

caprichud-o, -a, obstinate, stubborn.

cápsula, f. , capsule, scale of a balance.

cara, f. , face; a — descubierta, openly.

carácter, m. , character.

carbón, m. , coal.

carcajada, f. , hysteria.

cardíac-o, -a, cardiac.

carecer, to lack, be without.

carga, f. , load, cargo.

cargante, accuser.

cargar, to load; — con, to take up bodily.

cargo, m. , charge, account; hacerse — de, to take into account.

caricia, f. , caress.

caridad, f. , charity.

cariño, m. , affection.

cariñosamente, affectionately.

cariños-o, -a, fond, affectionate.

Carmen, prop. noun.

carrera, f. , career, road, race, course, swift pace.

carta, f. , letter.

cartera, f. , portfolio.

cartita, f. , note.

casa, f. , home, house; en —, at home.

casamiento, m. , marriage.

casar, to marry; refl. , to marry, get married.

caser-o, -a, domestic.

casi, almost.

caso, m. , case, fact; hacer —, to heed; hacer — de, to pay attentionto.

castigar, to chastise, correct, afflict.

castigo, m. , correction, punishment.

castillo, m. , castle.

catálogo, m. , catalogue, list.

catástrofe, f. , catastrophe.

categoría, f. , class, category.

catequizar, to catechize.

caterva, f. , crowd, number.

catorce, fourteen.

caudal, m. , wealth, property.

causa, f. , cause, reason; por — de, on account of.

causar, to cause.

cautelos-o, -a, cautious.

cavilos-o, -a, captious, fretful, petulent, cross.

cazuela, f. , stewpan, earthen pan.

ceder, to yield, submit.

cegar, to blind.

celebrar, to celebrate, rejoice, be glad.

celo, m. , zeal.

cementerio, m. , cemetery.

censurar, to censure, blame, criticize.

centro, m. , centre.

ceño, m. , frown.

cerca, adv. , near; — de, prep. , near.

cercado, m. , inclosure, field.

cercan-o, -a, adjoining.

cercar, to beset, surround.

cerebro, m. , brain.

cero, m. , naught, zero.

cerrar, to shut, close.

cerril, rude, rough.

certidumbre, f. , certainty.

certificar, to certify, register.

censurar, to censure, blame, criticize.

cesar, to cease.

cesta, f. , basket.

cestilla, f. , little basket.

ciega, pres. of cegar.

cieg-o, -a, blind.

cielo, m. , sky, heaven.

cien, see ciento.

ciencia, f. , science.

científic-o, -a, scientific.

ciento, hundred.

ciert-o, -a, certain, sure.

cierto, adv. , certainly.

cifra, f. , figure, number.

cifrar, to count, comprise; — en, to center on.

cilindro, m. , cylinder, tube.

cinco, five.

cincuenta, fifty.

cinta, f. , ribbon, tape.

cintura, f. , waist.

ciprés, m. , cypress tree.

circuito, m. , circuit.

círculo, m. , circle.

civil, civil.

Clair de Lune, moonlight. ( Fr. )

clamar, to cry, cry out, lament, beg.

Clara, prop. noun.

claramente, clearly.

claridad, f. , clearness, glory, brightness.

clarísim-o, -a, very evident.

clar-o, -a, clear, evident, plain.

clase, f. , class, order.

claustral, claustral.

clavar, to fasten, fix, rivet.

clemátide, f. , clematis.

cobre, m. , copper.

cocina, f. , kitchen.

cociner-o, -a, m. and f. , cook.

coger, to catch, take, gather.

coincidir, to coincide.

coja, pres. subj. of coger.

colar, to enter secretly, strain, filter.

colegio, m. , college, school.

cólera, f. , anger, rage.

coléric-o, -a, angry, passionate.

colgar, to hang, suspend.

colmar, to fill, heap upon.

colmo, m. , crown, culmination.

Colón, m. , Columbus.

color, m. , color.

combatir, to combat, fight.

comedor, m. , dining room.

comer, to eat.

comida, f. , food, dinner.

como, as, like, apparently; — que para, since, because.

¡cómo! , how! why!

¿cómo? how? why?

compadecer, to pity.

compadezco, pres. of compadecer.

compañera, f. , companion, comrade.

compañía, f. , company, society.

comparación, f. , comparison.

comparar, to compare.

compartir, to share, divide.

compasión, f. , compassion.

completar, to complete.

complet-o, -a, complete, perfect.

cómplice, m. and f. accomplice.

componer, to construct.

comprar, to buy, purchase.

comprender, to comprehend, understand.

comprobar, to prove, verify.

comprometer, to compromise.

común, common.

comunicación, f. , communication.

comunicar, to communicate.

comuniquen, pres. subj. of comunicar.

comúnmente, generally.

con, prep. , by, with; — tal que, conj. , provided that;

que, conj. , so then; — todo, nevertheless.

conceder, to give, grant.

concepto, m. , thought, idea.

conciencia, f. , conscience.

conciliador, -a, conciliatory.

cónclave, m. , conclave, assembly.

concluir, to conclude, terminate, end.

concluyen, pres. of concluir.

concluyeron, pret. of concluir.

concluyo, pres. of concluir.

concret-o, -a, concrete, exact.

condenar, to condemn.

condición, f. , condition.

condoler, to pity.

conducir, to conduct, lead.

conducta, f. , behavior, conduct.

conductibilidad, f. , conductibility.

conferencia, f. , conference, meeting.

conferenciar, to hold a conference.

confesar, to confess.

confianza, f. , confidence.

confiar, to confide, trust.

confidencia, f. , confidence.

confidente, m. and f. , confidant.

conformar, to suit, submit, resign.

conforme, conformable, agreed, resigned.

confortar, to comfort, strengthen.

confundir, to confuse, confound, perplex, put to shame.

confusión, f. , confusion, perplexity.

confus-o, -a, confused.

congregación, f. , congregation.

conmigo, with me.

conminación, f. , threat, menace.

conocer, to know.

conocimiento, m. , acquaintance, knowledge, consciousness.

conozcas, pres. subj. of conocer.

conozco, pres. of conocer.

conquistar, to conquer.

consagrar, to dedicate, consecrate.

consecuencia, f. , consequence.

conseguir, to get, obtain, succeed.

consejo, m. , counsel, advice.

consentimiento, m. , consent.

consentir, to consent, allow.

conservación, f. , preservation.

conservar, to preserve, keep.

considerar, to consider.

consientas, pres. subj. of consentir.

consigo, with himself, with herself, with them.

consiguiera, imp. subj. of conseguir.

consolar, to console, comfort.

constante, constant, unalterable.

constar, to be evident, certain.

consternad-o, -a, terrified.

consternar, to strike with amazement.

construcción, f. , construction.

consuela, pres. of consolar.

consuelan, pres. of consolar.

consuelo, m. , joy, consolation.

consulta, f. , consultation.

consultar, to consult.

consumad-o, -a, consummate, accomplished.

Contadora, prop. noun.

contagiar, to infect, corrupt.

contar, to tell, relate, count.

contemplar, to contemplate.

contemporáne-o, -a, contemporary.

contemporizar, to temporize.

contener, to repress, restrain.

contentar, to satisfy, please.

content-o, -a, pleased, satisfied.

contestación, f. , reply.

contestar, to reply.

contiene, pres. of contener.

contigo, with you.

contingencia, f. , contingency.

continuación, f. , continuation.

continuamente, continually.

continuar, to continue.

continu-o, -a, continual; de —, constantly.

contra, against.

contradictori-o, -a, contradictory.

contraproducente, opposite to that desired.

contrariar, to oppose, annoy.

contrariedad, f. , opposition.

contrari-o, -a, contrary, adverse.

contrario, m. , contrary, opposite.

contratista, m. , contractor.

contribuir, to contribute.

contribuyo, pres. of contribuir.

convalecencia, f. , convalescence.

convencer, to convince.

convencimiento, m. , conviction.

conveniente, convenient.

convenir, to agree, acknowledge, be proper.

convento, m. , convent.

conversación, f. , conversation.

conversión, f. , change.

convertir, to convert.

convicción, f. , conviction.

convidar, to invite.

conviene, pres. of convenir.

convirtió, pret. of convertir.

conyugal, conjugal.

coñac, m. , cognac.

cooperación, f. , coöperation.

copa, f. , glass, goblet.

corazón, m. , heart.

coro, m. , choir.

corpachón, m. , large body.

corrección, f. , correction.

corregir, to correct.

correo, m. , post office.

correr, to run.

corresponder, to agree, correspond, return, respond.

corretear, to ramble about, go about.

corrid-o, -a, expert; de —, fluently.

corrigiendo, pres. part. of corregir.

corro, m. , circle (some game in which children form a ring).

corromper, to corrupt, pervert.

corruptor, m. , corruptor.

cort-o, -a, short.

cosa, f. , thing, matter.

coscorrón, m. , slight blow on the head.

cosita, f. , little thing.

cosmos, m. , world, universe.

cosquillas, f., pl. , tickling.

costado, m. , side.

costar, to cost.

cráneo, m. , skull, head.

creación, f. , creation.

crear, to create.

creciente, growing, increasing.

creencia, f. , faith, belief.

creer, to think, believe.

creyendo, pres. part. of creer.

criada, f. , servant.

criado, m. , servant.

criar, to foster, nurse, bring up, create.

criatura, f. , creature.

criminal, m. , criminal.

crío, m. , little fellow.

crisol, m. , crucible.

cristal, m. , crystal, mirror.

cristian-o, -a, Christian.

criterio, m. , criterion, standard.

crític-o, -a, critical.

cruel, cruel.

cruz, f. , cross; en —, adv. , with extended arms.

cual, which, like; el —, la —, lo —, rel. , who, which.

¿cuál? , what?

cualidad, f. , quality, trait.

cualquier, see cualquiera.

cualquiera, anybody, whatever, any.

cuán, adv. , how.

cuando, when.

¿cuándo? , when?

cuant-o, -a, how much, as much,nall.

¿cuánt-o, -a? how much? how many? what?

cuanto, adv. , as much as, all; en —, as soon as; cuánto tiempo, howlong.

cuarenta, forty.

cuarto, m. , quarter, room.

cuatro, four.

cuatrollón, see cuatromillon.

cuatromillon, four million.

cubierto, past part. of cubrir.

cubierto, m. , cover; pl knives and forks, table cutlery.

cubrir, to cover.

cucharadita, f. , small spoonful.

cuelga, pres. of colgar.

cuello, m. , neck, collar.

cuenta, pres. of contar.

cuenta (me), imperat. of contar.

cuenta, f. , account, concern.