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In this FREE, ready for download eBook, famed Physicist and Philospher, Albert Einstein discusses relativity--its special and general theory. Download it now!


It seems to me, as a beginner to understanding the incredible intelligent mind of Eisntein's ideas, that, above all the apparent paradoxal concepts to everyday's life and experience of how the Universe works... Just try t olook deeply, open minded, and you'll see how he, in a simple, clear and exact way, did really change our tradicional concepts of space, time, mass and energy, to the best of my begginner's knowledge. After all, things were there, and we'd never thought of it his way. And it's so clear (after a considerable effort, of course)how right he was, Still today, his ideas are still worldwide accepted and proffed, although, afew weeks ago, there were some doubts concerning one minor thing, sientists nto questioning, globally relativity, though. A "must" reading and worth while understanding, it'll change dramatically the way we undertand our world, even for non-scientists.

Badr Alamery

I like it very much.

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