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Dramatis Personae


Margaret of Parma, (Daughter of Charles V., and Regent of the


Count Egmont, (Prince of Gaure)

The Duke of Alva

William of Orange

Ferdinand, (his natural Son)

Machiavel, in the service of the Regent

Richard, (Egmont's Private Secretary)

Silva, Gomez, (in the service of Alva)

Clara, (the Beloved of Egmont)

Her Mother

Brackenburg, (a Citizen's Son), and Vansen, (a Clerk)

Soest, (a Shopkeeper), Jetter, (a Tailor), A Carpenter, A Soapboiler

(Citizens of Brussels)

Buyck, (a Hollander), a Soldier under Egmont

Ruysum, (a Frieslander), an invalid Soldier, and deaf

People, Attendants, Guards, &c.

 The Scene is laid in Brussels.