Edison: His Life and Inventions


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The biography of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th Century, Thomas Alva Edison, who invented more modern-day solutions than anyone else in the scientific world.

Leticia Escamilla

Very interesting book, one learns a lot of things about Edison, much more than what he's famous for.

Hanko Hattingh

I beg to differ completely ., Tesla came to America and met Edison . Edison promissed him $50 000 if he could help him solving a certain problem ,afterwards he told Tesla that was an american joke !! Tesla is the father of all the electricity that you use in your home and in industries - Alternating Current . On the subject of greatness ,Tesla is the father of the radio and not Marconi - courtcase 1945, after his death Tesla was vindicated


that was great book

Darryl Braun

Interesting not only on the basis of it's subject but also owing to the time in which it was written. You'll learn not only about Mr. Edison but you'll get a glimpse into the period in which he lived through the style of its writing.

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