Eclipse of the Moon HTML version

not in euphoria
only the flesh
remembers who fell
only the heart
remembers the bitterness
only the flesh
remembers the pain
love me occasionally
not in euphoria
touch me kindly
and touch me again
heroes are killed
for less than this kindness
in Haiphong harbor
the mines are rain
teach me occasionally
over and over
how to love
and how not to die
to remember and
how to remember
how to ask why and
to ask why
teach me over
the noise of the bombers
that blacken out
the clear blue sky
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A Leaf for Sarajevo
Sorrow city, Sarajevo
thus your history is traced,
your museums laid in rubble
and your life almost erased,
this destruction, Sarajevo,
for which the whole world is braced.
Sarajevo, sister city,
with a sorrow so like mine,
as I wait and lean and listen
for an answer or a sign:
sorrow glistens, Sarajevo,
like a message or a line.
Sitting shiva, Sarajevo,
for your temples and your mosques