Eclipse of the Moon HTML version

written on with morning
depends from the sun,
a vegetable zodiac,
or lamprey, or electric ocean
beneath the light. there is some miner
here or locomotive, light
brightening and approaching hard like
the softest vision of hell
one can imagine: one's eyes are
not removed, one's tongue does not go
dead before the sight of that speech
fully grown and flatly wizened as
a dark mushroom pressed in glass so
green the bottom nub is like amber
sealing wax, so round
that under its pressure
words have all objects.
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Mosaic Pissaro, bearded like the snow-
effulgent trees, laid down his brush and sought
the sequent instant by this masterpiece
of tact. The white road is not what we thought
seeing the painting as the come and go
of light suspended in the silent air,
an every-place that will withstand the cease
of time in an oeuvre extraordinaire
demanding complete attention and repaying
a breathless gaze with rapture's winter stare.
With profit the old man was Seurat's student,
Learning the sense and nonsense of science there.
It's not to hold the light, as I was saying
to you last in order that I might wake
to a new dawn, mosaic law is prudent
and splits and multiplies for the future's sake,
and look at that white road. Casually,
as the heart its moment has passed. The sun breaks
through a cloud with the incipiency of tears.
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Life Comes Flying
Life comes flying — birds and dragonflies
dart over me. I am lying in the wind.
Your face breaks through the sky like sun. I rise