Eclipse of the Moon HTML version

wide eyes for all the closed and shuttered places,
shut eyes that make these open fields a waste,
longings for what already I've achieved,
yearnings for what I never longed to earn,
wish to acclaim those things which I should grieve,
no wish to learn the language I must learn.
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No, she cried
"No," she cried, "I will not comply,
not see things as they ought to be
nor see them as I ought to see,
not twist and turn the fragile eye."
(The woods were fragile and opaque.
The sun sent shafts of trembling light
among the leaves' greenfoiled night.)
"See for sight and no other sake."
The trees stood rubric to the lake.
"No border can enclose my mind,
no leaves' reflection in the wind."
(See, said the wind, for old time's sake.)
"I only can see what am I"
(I, said the lake, so young, so clear
the wind's blast makes me shake with fear)
"as wind and water blowing by."
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Anger at Time and Space
I am sad that I am angry at time and space.
in the new windowed gloom brilliant as through
water sun out of the green trees
the children in the hospital newly singing
the killing of the year by the rock of ages, a
living being
untouched by the weight pressing on his back,
his arm
reaching to grope, to swim, to embrace, larger
Atlas, weaker than Christ, bending as he would
if there were no rock, living without the rock