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to one away in Africa


what a good life

to sit in one place

day after day

unless in distress

or pity

not to move


my feeling here for you is rooted

in a sandy soil

it grows tenaciously

but yesterday


a stalk of my mother-of-millions —

the plant which scatters itself daily

in tiny seedlings

and is thus replenished

and not diminished —


fell over

of its own weight

and the long root like a horse tail

gave in to the sand's giving up —


I could not help but think

the ending, wavering stem

felt light and free

in my hand.


I who would snatch you back

from that other place —

my whole heart goes with this —


I who always considered

how you sit here

to be a miracle —

so outwardly still

my last breath

makes an indentation —


I who rage ceaselessly

after my desires

and bring the spoils to you

considering to catch myself

a miracle —


that I should grow

so rooted in one place

in my mind

that it should not waver

unless to discern itself better


— from that one place

may all grief come

to your jungles of Africa


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