Eclectic Lights HTML version

Why ’Eclectic Lights’? Firstly, due to the fact
that I can’t resist a bad pun. Secondly, this
anthology is eclectic in that it represents an odd
collection of previously published short stories,
most of which first saw the light of day as finalists
of various short story contests, and light because I
try to keep them that way. Nothing too deep;
nothing too heavy. My stories are not written to
preach, to educate, or to enlighten. They are
written to entertain. Only that. Light.
But for those of you who like to see a moral at
the end of a story I have included a few of my
recent attempts to update Aesop by way of ’Fables
for the third Millennium’. Still nothing deep or
heavy here, although they may cause you to
ponder a little.
I hope that they will interest and amuse you,
and, above all, I hope that you will find them
Barry Daniels
Western Shore, Nova Scotia
June 2009