Ebay Incognito HTML version

mistake, otherwise PayPal will catch on to that and flag you right away.
Even if you change the IP, clear the cookies and not the flash cookies, you
will still be linked and PayPal will flag that and suspend it. So don’t make
that mistake. It’s going to be very important for you NOT to cross
Sudden Change in Activity:
This is very common, especially for Internet Marketers who may be setting
releasing a new product. Once they “Launch” and get that instant surge in
sales, PayPal might flag that account because it is a sudden and drastic
change in activity. So watch out!
Withdrawing Too Much over a Long Period of Time (without having a
SSN on file):
This is something new that PayPal is implementing. The reason why they
started this is because in 2011 they are going to start reporting to the IRS,
and they want each account to be linked to a S.S number. If you don’t have
a SSN linked to your PayPal account, it is very likely that you will be limited
sooner or later, and PayPal is going to ask for this information. Example:
one of my recent PayPal accounts was limited after I withdraw about
$10,000 from the account over a period of 5 months. Fortunately, I have
multiple accounts so the hiccup didn’t really bother me.
Violating PayPal’s TOS:
PayPal does not want you to accept payments for: Porn , Gambling,
Currency Exchange, Illegal crap, Credit Card Repair Service, etc… so just
make sure you are within their TOS.. Otherwise plan on having hundreds of