Ebay Incognito HTML version

Chapter 1:
Why did your account suddenly get
If you have had an account limited from PayPal, it’s usually for the following
1. (Withdrawal) Too Much Money, Too Soon
2. Being linked to a previously Suspended / Limited Account.
3. Sudden change in activity
4. Withdrawing too much money over a longer period of time
without supplying your SS number.
5. Violating PayPal’s TOS in regards to acceptable websites, and
transaction types.
6. Scamming people because you’re a piece of $h!t.
In most cases, it’s either 1 - 4
Too Much Money, Too Soon:
It’s never a good idea, to start transferring thousands of dollars upon a
brand new registration. This is a quick way to get shut down. There is no
exact number that I know of, for the first 30 days of a PayPal account, I
never withdrawal more than $500, and I never attempt single transactions
of more than $400. Keep it conservative, and build up your momentum.
Being Linked to a Previously Limited Account:
PayPal’s system is always scanning activity, they scan IP logs, they scan
Cookies, and they scan activity. You NEVER want to log into an old PayPal
account using your New IP address or cookies. You never want make that