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Easy Tips for Home Plumbing Repairs
Jeff VanMeter
“What Am I Getting Myself Into?”
This may be the first question an aspiring do-it-yourselfer might ask when
faced with a plumbing emergency in their home.
After a frustrating attempt at making a do it yourself (DIY) repair, the urge
to simply call a professional may be overwhelming. With the Internet as an
ever present and all knowing resource, virtually every kind of repair is
explained in detail with step-by-step narration and photos to assist the
would be do it yourselfer.
In a time when every penny counts, hiring a professional may mean dipping
into funds that have been reserved for more rewarding expenditures. There
are many DIY jobs someone with modest experience can master, including
everyday plumbing repairs.
So what exactly is plumbing? The word itself, plumbing, is derived from
the Latin word for lead, plumbum, because early pipes were made from
lead. The Romans used sheets of lead that were rolled into tubes to
transport water from the aqueducts to their public baths. “Plumbers” then
were those tradesmen skilled in lead working. As
the dangers of lead poisoning became known in
the mid 20th century, the use of lead in plumbing
was disallowed.
Lead pipe was used in ancient Roman baths.
(Photograph by Andrew Dunn, 15 September 2005)