Easy Tips for Home Plumbing Repairs HTML version

Easy Tips for Home Plumbing Repairs
Jeff VanMeter
Table of Contents
“What Am I Getting Myself Into?” 2
Here is a brief introduction to DIY plumbing.
Tools of the Trade 3
These are the tools the DIY plumber should always have handy.
Understanding Your Plumbing System 6
This is your plumbing system, in order to repair it you will need to know what it is and
how it works.
Leaking Pipes and Fittings 10
Identify and repair one of the most common plumbing failures.
Leaking Valves 17
Valves are subject to wear and they will eventually fail and leak. Fortunately they are
easy to repair without professional assistance.
Clearing Clogged Drains 22
One of the messier aspects of home plumbing does not have to cost an arm and a leg.
Summary and Online Resources 24