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God's answers to life through an easy book download. You are creating your own life every second of everyday. Are you creating the life you want?


great book !!!!!!!!!! must read !!!!!!!


READ IT PLEASE******* your book is good, actually i want say only that you have written this book with your own experience , i thing u all had not done deep study on scriptures, because in scriptures there is mentioned that when ever negativeness will arise in the world i will come to finish it like in kaliyuga kaali & then guru's had been came, so i am telling you my experience that like Vivekananda, Buddha i had seen god in my inner side ( self realization) piratically that represent that GOD is also in this world, because only true Guru able to give you practical realization in your inner-side, then only your 84 lakhs yonis will be cut down. otherwise without realization of god after your this birth you will definitely go to hell. so find a true guru in this world if you will get practically god in your side anywhere than thats very good, if you people not be able to then come to DJJS, their is practically you will be able to see god in your inner side at the time of Braham Gyan. i am 101% sure your search about GOD will end over here, then your all tensions & wories will finish definitly.( free)


I now have my next book Faith Finders available on my websitewww.easyanswersforlife.com From there you can link to me via Facebook.Enjoy

Joe Smith

Why, you may ask, am I taking the time to write this here? Is it something personal against this author? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Is it an attack against the book itself? Not really. It's simply a rebuttal to the flawed & DANGEROUS ideas PRESENTED IN the book. While I DO appreciate the effort put into it's publication & the apparent ardor & concern for mankind that appears to have motivated it, I CAN'T, in good conscience, keep the gift GOD has given me, to MYSELF. For, while on the SAME journey as many of you, seeking the SAME thing - to KNOW the loving Creator, IF in fact, there IS one - GOD chose, through His unfathomable love & grace, to draw me to Himself! I did NOTHING to earn it, nor deserve it...it was His GIFT! If, hypothetically, you or a loved-one were dying a slow, painful death from cancer & a stranger, having heard your agonizing screams, knocked on your door & handed you a simple yet 100% infallible formula for a cure...could you POSSIBLY keep it to yourself? Could you hear SOMEONE ELSE'S agonizing screams & LET THEM SUFFER? I couldn't either.

Joe Smith

There IS a CURE; there IS a 'GOD'. HE wrote a book...& THIS one is NOT it. Only GOD Himself can reveal THE TRUTH, and He WILL if you just ASK. If you have doubts, only He can ultimately refute them. If you simply CANNOT fathom the thought of ASKING Him...you're in a delicate situation, please don't take it lightly. If you feel you need 'human logic', not 'blind faith'...try C.S. Lewis' book 'Mere Christianity' if the profound logic of a brilliant, hard-core Atheist who set out to prove, once-and-for-all, that THERE IS NO GOD, & found THE TRUTH instead doesn't do it for you, I doubt anything will. God bless you.

Joe Smith

If you're reading this, you're obviously looking for SOMETHING. Whether you're seeking GOD, curious about GOD, wondering if there IS a 'GOD'...know this: countless Atheists, Agnostics, mis-lead Catholics, mis-lead Protestants, even people from a Muslim, Buddhist, or ANY other background have been IN YOUR SHOES and HAVE found the TRUE GOD! Some, like Lee Strobel & others, found HIM by seeking to prove He DIDN'T exist. Others, like myself, didn't know WHAT to believe & resorted to a desperate, yet incredibly simple act...prayer - i.e. "God, IF you're there...IF you exist...show me!". When a HUMBLE, SINCERE, TRULY OPEN-MINDED request such as this is made, a supernatural answer WILL come. It will NOT come in a burning bush or an audible voice from the sky (unless, of course, HE CHOOSES to do so which will have NOTHING to do with OUR desires or expectations). It will, likely, come in the form of wisdom; you'll suddenly have FAITH in GOD's existence - you'll KNOW that what you're seeking is VERY REAL - you'll continue seeking, & when the TRUTH is finally presented (& it WILL BE presented), you WILL KNOW you've found what you've been looking for. The answer may come in the form of discernment, a healthy, yet often uncomfortable or painful discrimination of all the WRONG ideas you or your closest loved-ones possess, or are being presented with. The manner in which the answer comes is unimportant, just know it WILL come.

Joe Smith

This book is centered around a one-size-fits-all god (small 'G'). While very appealing, for obvious reasons - i.e. whatever your idea of 'right' is.. it's ok with him/her/it - this is a fictional god, a fantasy, nonexistent. This god is an IDOL. Looking to THIS god for help, love, or security is, in essence, the same as looking to YOURSELF for these things with an unhealthy expectation (expecting to receive supernatural help, love, security from a human, NON-supernatural source will inevitably leave one unfulfilled & disappointed). Looking to THIS god is arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic. Looking to THIS god is effrontery an affront to the TRUE GOD, our Creator. Looking to THIS god is SIN(.)

Joe Smith

This is not simply a personal opinion emerging from an ingrained religion. Contrary to popular thinking, God does NOT favor or promote 'religion'. Man-made rules, rituals, & traditions are just that: MAN-made. With that said, however, it's imperative that we do accept there IS a GOD, only ONE GOD, and we do NOT get to name Him, define Him, or choose HOW we obey Him anymore than we get to choose our own parents (saying, or even believing, that Michael Jordan is my father won't get me an inheritance, or even a pair of Air Jordans!).

Joe Smith

Anytime we enter into the kind of thinking presented in books such as this, we are spitting in God's loving face.


Excellent work, easy to read and understand. You may find many answers to your personal questions.Thanks

Eda E.

a really good book, thank you

David Webb

I rate this as 5 stars ..not one !

David Webb

This this s a very easy book to read and has some wonderful home truths

David Webb

I really loved the book . It was clear ,concise and provides real answers to real issues .I think many people will like it

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