Easter Service (2012) HTML version

you're struggling within, in bondage to, fears or maybe there's areas of addictions
or habits or things that are gripping your soul. It doesn't have to be that way.
Jesus has made a way for you. Jesus has a made a way for you. It's called faith,
believing and trusting in Him. You'll never know until you commit your life to Him,
how much He will change you and turn your life around. How much He will
change you. God loves you deeply, passionately. He is willing to help you.
But He requires a step from you, a step to walking with Him. And so today, I
wonder is there any person here who's not a Christian yet - a Christian is a
person who's become a follower of Jesus Christ, starting to walk with Him, and
live life according to the life that Jesus gives him, according to the ways of Jesus,
a wonderful life, a blessed life - so a Christian's not someone who just comes to
church. That doesn't change you. It can help you, but it's only a decision,
consciously day by day, to walk with God. That's what changes you, and it starts
with inviting Jesus Christ to become your personal saviour.
I wonder is there anyone here today, right at that point; you'd like to become a
Christian; you want to give your life to Jesus Christ? Today would be a great
Easter to do that. When we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, how wonderful
if you too could spiritually arise and be changed. I wonder if there's anyone today
and you're living with difficulties in your life, challenges in your life, perhaps
failures in your life, but today you know that God was speaking to you, that you
don't have to live there, that you can arise above it, through just simple
repentance and reaching out, and beginning to walk with Him again? If you know
God was speaking to you that way, would you raise your hand, say God's
wanting me to have a fresh start this Easter. God bless - many people wanting a
fresh start this Easter. It's wonderful to do that, because Easter we celebrate new
beginnings, be great to do that, start again, start afresh, let God give you a fresh
I'm going to ask, for everyone to just stand up, and each of the people that put
their hands up, would you like to make your way down to the front and make a
row just facing me. I'd love to pray with you and bless you, and lead you in a
simple prayer to receive Jesus. It'll only take a couple of moments, but it's a step
of faith, so you've made the decision in your heart, now you just put action to it.
It's quite a difficult thing to do that, but I know when you do that, God also
responds to you; so let's just rise together shall we, and those people who put
their hands up, I'd like you to make your way to the front, just stand here in front
of me. Just close your eyes now. This is a great decision you're making. It's a
decision just to acknowledge that your life is going bad. It's a decision to
acknowledge Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and He wants to change
me, He wants to help me, He loves me. You know there's greater love than no
one can show than they lay their life down and Jesus loves you, so no matter
what you've done, no matter what you're ashamed of, no matter where you've
come from, no matter what your past, I can assure you He loves you