Easter Service (2012) HTML version

But this is not so with Jesus. The Bible says, now you've got to understand he'd
been whipped severely, scourged, the Crown of Thorns put on, nailed on the
cross. He'd hung on the cross for three hours, from midday to 3.00pm, and right
there - notice this - right there at the very time that the religious people who
crucified Him were offering up the lamb, the Passover lamb, to offer a sacrifice
for the sins of the nation, which was done once a year in memory of the original
Passover; right there at that very point when they were doing that, the Bible says:
Jesus shouted with a loud shout!
In other words, He gave a mighty victorious shout that He had won a great battle!
He had won a great battle. It was a shout - when Jesus died, two things the Bible
tells us: one, He shouted a shout of victory; and two, He let go His spirit. He let
go. He gave up His life. It was never taken from Him. He had power to do that,
something you and I don't have. So it was a shout of victory. Why was it a shout
of victory? Because Jesus knew something, that no one else around there knew,
and all the demonic powers did not know. If they'd known, they would never have
crucified Him. He knew something they did not know. He knew that He was
acting as a representative of all humanity; for centuries upon centuries upon
centuries, thousands of years, people had been born, had lived and died; born,
lived, died; generation after generation, suffering the impact of the first man's sin,
and no one could do anything to stop it. When Jesus came, He came to
represent what God is like, the love of God, and the heart of God. Then when He
died on the cross, He took with Him to the cross our sins and failures. He also
took to the cross the list of every fault and failure and sin that was listed against
The Bible says in Colossians 2:14, it says: He took the handwriting, the list of
every law of God that we ever broke. He took the list of everyone, everything
you've done in your past, have done today, will do later today, will do in the future
- everything wrong in the whole span of your life, and the life of every other
person; He took it all, and nailed it to the cross. And the Bible says in Colossians
2:14: when Jesus took that list and put it on the cross, He disarmed every
principality and power. He took from the devil his power to hold you in bondage. If
you're in bondage, it's your choice that's causing it. If you're in bondage, it's your
beliefs that's causing it. If you're in bondage, it's your habits that's causing it. It's
not because God hasn't made a way for you.
When Jesus died on the cross, the Bible says: He disarmed; He took away from
every demon the right, the power, the authority, the privilege, the ability to
oppress you with sickness, disease and torments. He disarmed them, literally
took away their power, and you and I have to understand that's why He shouted
out: great victory; because He knew in a moment of time, as He let go His life, He
had represented humanity before God, and now He offered the sacrifice of His
life; the devil's power to hold everyone in bondage was now broken. So His shout
was a shout of victory.