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The Warrior's Barrow
RODERIK, An old recluse.
BLANKA, His foster-daughter.
GANDALF, A sea-king from Norway.
ASGAUT, An old viking.
JOSTEJN, " " "
HEMMING, A young scald in Gandalf's service.
* * * * *
The action takes place on a small island off the coast of Sicily
shortly before the introduction of Christianity into Norway.
An open place surrounded by trees near the shore. To the left
in the background the ruins of an old temple. In the center of
the scene a huge barrow upon which is a monument decked with
flower wreaths.
* * * * *
[At the right of the stage sits RODERIK writing. To
the left BLANKA in a half reclining position.]
BLANKA. Lo! the sky in dying glory
Surges like a sea ablaze,--
It is all so still before me,
Still as in a sylvan maze.
Summer evening's mellow power
Settles round us like a dove,
Hovers like a swan above
Ocean wave and forest flower.
In the orange thicket slumber
Gods and goddesses of yore,
Stone reminders in great number
Of a world that is no more.
Virtue, valor, trust are gone,