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Second Act
[A room in CATILINE's house with a colonnade in the rear; a lamp lights up the
[CATILINE paces the floor back and forth; LENTULUS and CETHEGUS are with
CATILINE. No, no! I say, you do not understand
Yourselves what you demand of me. Should I
Turn traitor and incite a civil war,--
Besmear my hand with Roman blood? No, no!
I'll never do it! Let the entire state
Condemn me if--
LENTULUS. You will not, Catiline?
LENTULUS. Tell me,--have you nothing to avenge?
No insult? No one here you fain would strike?
CATILINE. Let him who will avenge; I shall not stir.
Yet silent scorn is likewise a revenge;--
And that alone shall be enough.
Our visit was, I see, inopportune.
Yet doubtless will the morrow bring you back
To other thoughts.
CATILINE. But why the morrow?
CETHEGUS. There are mysterious rumors in the air.
A vestal recently was led to death--
CATILINE. [Surprised.]
A vestal,--say you? Ah, what do you mean?
LENTULUS. Why, yes, a vestal. Many people murmur--
CATILINE. What do they murmur?
CETHEGUS. That in this dark affair
You are not altogether innocent.