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Second Act
[The enclosure on Lady Kirsten's estate. To the right is seen the main building
with an opening in the gable; neither windows nor doors are visible. Further
towards the back of the stage on the same side a small log church and a
churchyard. On the left side a storehouse and other out-buildings. On both
sides in the foreground simple benches of stone. It is afternoon.]
[LADY KIRSTEN. Servants and Maids occupied with preparations for the
LADY KIRSTEN. Let there be no lack of food or drink.
LADY KIRSTEN. [To herself.] Hard have I labored and struggled to bring things
to this point; but now I shall give a feast that shall be heralded far and wide.
LADY KIRSTEN. [To the servants.] Be sure to see that on the banquet table--
yet no, I shall attend to that myself. The wine shall be poured into the silver
flagons; the large drinking horns shall be filled with the Italian cider; the ale is for
the servants only, and likewise the homebrewed mead;--and listen, be sure to
see that there are enough yellow candles in the church; the bridal party are not to
go to the altar until late in the evening, and with red lights shall they be escorted
on their way from the banquet hall to the church. Go now, all of you, and see
that you remember, every one of you, the things I have told you.
[The people go.]
LADY KIRSTEN. God knows this wedding is costing me more than I well can
bear; but Ingeborg brings with her a good dowry and besides--Oh, well, Arne I
shall no doubt be able to manage and rule as I see fit, if he is first--
[Looks out to the right.]
LADY KIRSTEN. There comes Olaf! If only I knew that he--
* * * * *