Early Plays HTML version

First Act
[A thickly wooded hillside which leads up to higher mountain regions; in a deep
ravine a swift river runs from the background out to the right; over the river lie
some old logs and other remnants of a dilapidated bridge. Huge rocks lie
scattered in the foreground; far away can be seen the summits of snow-capped
mountain peaks. Evening twilight rests over the landscape; later on the moon
[THORGJERD stands on a rocky projection near the river
and listens to the various choruses which are heard
off the stage.]
CHORUS OF LADY KIRSTEN'S RETINUE. [Deep in the wood to the
With ringing of bells we hurry along,
We wander in field and in dell;
O Christian, come, give heed to our song,
Awake from your magic spell.
RELATIVES OF ARNE OF GULDVIK. [Far away to the right.]
Now hasten we all
To the wedding hall;
The foal runneth light and gay!
The hoofs resound
On the grassy ground
As the merry swains gallop away!
LADY KIRSTEN'S RETINUE. [A little nearer than before.]
We conjure you forth from mountain and hill,
From the places which hold you bound.
Awake to our call, come, free your will
From elves that hover around!
[THORGJERD disappears in the ravine where the river runs; after
a rapid interplay the choruses are heard much nearer.]
ARNE'S RELATIVES. Our way we shorten with jest and with song,
And all of the bridal night.