E-Book Review Volume 1 HTML version

want a wife who only dries dung and weaves
She is very much respect in my culture, the
goat. We are Talibash of Kuru Mountains and
knowing wise beast when we are seeing. Goat
blankets, but one who is yearning after finer
things in life like catalogue shopping. Also
is top animal for wrestling and I am saying this
from personal knowledge, as I am No 1 Goat
Soapi is quite beautiful and I look forward to
having bed fun with her and giving her many
sons. But alas, after our wedding, eight years
Wrestler in Southern province, Torfu, it is my
Goat wrestling is ancient
ago, I cannot find her of an evening when it is
time to retire to the night
chamber for bed fun. Now I
tradition with my people and
is proper wrestling not from
script like western TV
see the curse of having a large
house. So many rooms, so
many alcoves, so many
wrestling. Goat cannot read
script. Goat eat script.
I am beginning in goat
cupboards. I am exhaust
looking for my beautiful Soapi,
but never can I find her.
wrestling as a boy as I am
No 2 son and will not inherit
During the day she is in my
company and is cooking my
farm of my father, so I must
make my own way in world.
Within few years, and
food and doing my laundry, but
in evening she is disappear
and I am full of unrequited lust.
after getting ass butted many
times, I develop subtle
moves to defeat goat. I
Having made great fortune
with my skills I no longer
wrestle the goat as often as I
notice that goat have very
sensitive scrote and so I attack goat scrote
viciously and goat soon surrender and I am
used to, only an exhibition match once a month
if there is no rain. But I have found other source
of income in breeding wrestling goats. Torfu’s
champion. This bring me great prestige and
immense wealth and I buy enormous house with
many rooms and outbuildings, even larger than
wrestling goats are the finest in all the Kurus
and any man who wagers against my beasts is
that of Ranji Bey, chief exhibitionist of all the
a fool. I am teaching the goats, you see, and
breeding them with less sensitive scrotes, so
that they are a challenge even for my grappling
So, with immense fame and fortune and in
the fullness of my vigor I decide to take a wife. I
decide on Soapi because she is very clean and
skills. Finest of them all is Tumshi the
Magnificent, who has shown such courage and
skill in his wrestling career that I am semi-
also because her father tells me she is
ambitious. This is important to me as I do not
retiring him and putting him to stud.