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Only on one point would I disagree with what is being
sold here. The stress on ‘advertising copy is only
salesmanship in print’ seems a little outdated.
Nowadays the accepted stratification is that an
advertising and marketing department provide the
salesman/woman with the ‘weapons’ required to do
their job effectively. The two elements are not in
competition but complement each other.
The book says “Let us emphasize that point. The only
purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable
or unprofitable according to its actual sales.
“It is not for general effect. It is not to keep your name
before the people.”
This, I would say, is nonsense. The most popular UK
TV ad of all time was the Cadbury’s Smash Martians
advertisement of the 1970s. For those who didn’t see
it, it had robotic Martians laughing at humans for
boiling and mashing potatoes when a modern version
(Smash powdered potatoes) was available. More
recently the Compare the Meerkat TV commercials
have spawned catchphrases and toys, all indirectly
selling the insurance comparison site Compare the
Market. These uses of humour to imprint a company
or product on the public consciousness do not sell
directly, but they are most certainly effective.
Having said that, this is a good book and certainly
worth reading.
THE E-BOOK STORY (continued)
The big company smiled and closed the door in the
writer's face.
And that's where the story would have ended, but for
a fairy godmother. The fairy godmother was called
Technology and she invented computers and the
internet and e-books.
With one wave of her wand she lifted the writer's
heart by saying to him, "You shall get published, lit-
tle writer. Your book will be an e-book and it shall be
distributed through the internet and people will read
it on their computers."
But the writer wasn't convinced. "It's not, like, a real
book," he said.
"It's a book because it has words in it, and that'll be
an end to it. You writers, you're never happy. When I
invented paperbacks you said they weren't real
books and now you'd bite my leg off for a paperback
"You can't put an e-book on a shelf, like a real book,
even a paperback."
"Maybe not," Technology said, "but e-books are a lot
more environmentally friendly than printed books
and with the internet you'll have a worldwide reach
that no publisher could offer."
The writer brightened a little. "I suppose..."
"In years to come everyone will read from a screen
and paper books will be a thing of the past. And
you'll get a much better royalty than ten per cent."
"Well," said the writer, feeling another book coming
on, "if you put it like that."
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