E-Book Review Volume 1 HTML version

TITLE: Coffee
AUTHOR: Samuel Plahetka
GENRE: Humour
specific knowledge of a field you should concentrate
on that ‘niche’ market.
The book is nicely illustrated with screen-caps,
the writing is of a good standard and the message is
put across effectively and efficiently with ample links
to outside resources. There is a step-by-step guide
to creating your e-book, from research to copyright
to creating covers for your book to sales plans and
testimonials. There is a wealth of information here,
though some of it is out of date, especially regarding
Where most of these books fail, and this one is
no different, is that they do not, and cannot, inject
the reader with the get-up-and-go required to follow
through and actually follow the steps recommended.
They ask the reader to step out of their comfort zone
and embark on tasks they have never encountered
before. Most give up without following the
instruction properly, or through to the end. They
then complain that the e-book has failed to deliver
and is a con.
If I could find that get-up-and-go formula and
bottle it I’d give up on this e-book game.
SYNOPSIS: A strange eBook, with a lot of tongue-in-
cheek humor. No mainstream publisher would accept
it, although they all seemed to like it. Features
lesbians, kidnapping, a futuristic world, and coffee
The minute you label a book as humour you’re
asking for trouble, because the only barometer of
humour is laughter and if the reader fails to laugh the
writer has fallen at the first hurdle.
At 11 pages Coffee is hardly even a short story,
so my expectations weren’t high, but brevity is
important in comedy so perhaps there was hope. As
it happens I didn’t laugh, but I was amused. Coffee
is a nothing really, a piece of nonsense, a mere tidbit
and giving it more than it’s worth, a silly, shaggy-dog
story. There is no story as such and the ending is a
cop-out but somehow I didn’t feel offended by it.
The spelling, grammar and sentence construction
are poor which mark out the fact that the author is not
a writer, therefore all is forgiven.
TITLE: Insider Secrets to Ebook Self Publishing
AUTHOR: Younes Boutreq
GENRE: Writing & Publishing
PAGES: 139
TITLE: 10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads
AUTHOR: Fred Jenkins
GENRE: Advertising
SYNOPSIS: Discover how to start your own online
success story by writing and publishing your own
hot-selling eBooks, regardless of your writing ability!
That's right--you can now create an eBook, get it
published, and sell it online, without actually writing
a single word--and then watch your income soar in
record time!
SYNOPSIS: If you've been struggling to make sales,
more than likely your ad copy is to blame. But don't
worry because it's not your fault. Big companies pay
advertising agencies to handle the hard work for them;
and the people at those companies have made it their
business to know the art of writing to sell.
A nice concise primer to the world of writing
advertising copy which effectively punches up the
message of ‘selling the sizzle, not the sausage’. That
is, sell the benefits of your product or service, rather
than emphasise the product or service itself. For
anybody starting out in advertising as a career or,
more likely, thinking of advertising their own goodies
for sale, this has some good, basic, tips on what works
and why.
Usually I despair of these books, aimed at
novice marketers, and making vague promises and
extravagant claims. This one breaks the mould,
however, by being quite comprehensive and actually
containing some useful information.
The author quite rightly points out that there is a
vast market for ‘how-to’ books and that if you have