E-Book Review Volume 1 HTML version

I hope you enjoy reading this. I’ve tried to throw in a
little of everything, from tutorials on creative writing to
a couple of humorous short stories to a competition.
In any case, let me know what you think. It’s the only
way it can work.
This is something of an experiment The first in what I
hope will be a monthly magazine aimed at writers and
creators of e-books, whether they are novelists, poets,
or manufacturers of ‘how-to’ books. In all cases, we
are the people who are reclaiming the publishing
industry for the original creatives without whom the
rest of the industry could not exist.
Gurmeet Mattu, Editor
I hope this magazine will prove to be a forum where
we can meet and discuss our concerns, trumpet our
achievements and, if worst comes to worst, drown our
Of necessity this issue is a one man show but I hope
others will be inspired to contribute. Fiction, comment,
whatever, they’re all welcome. Go to the Submissions
page for details. At the moments there’s no cash in it
but, in the future, who knows?
I need feedback, because I don’t know everything.
Honest! Does the two column format work? How
about the background graphics? Let me know.
This Issue’s BIG question.
What’s a fair price for a 50,000
word novel e-book in pdf format?
Leave your answer in the
This is not intended to exclude readers of e-books,
because without you we’d just be wasting our time.
You too can have a voice here. Tell us what you want
to read and the formats you’d like to read it in. If the
e-book phenomenon is to mean anything, it should
really be about direct communication between reader
and writer.
This magazine will be available exclusively through
free-ebooks.net as I’ve found them to be the best for
promo e-books, gathering together a good number of
writers and readers, and I’ll aim to have a new issue
out at the beginning of every month.
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Cover image by Gamercize. Used under the
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