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an hour later, she appeared at the door for a puff.
Stevie ambled over casually and gave Carol his
And with that she about-turned and was gone.
most disarming grin. “Hi Carol.”
She frowned. “What are you doing here? Nancy
doesn’t finish till five.”
“I know. It was you I wanted to talk to.”
Flummoxed, Stevie drove home and logged on to
the internet. Google came up with 360,000 pages
for romantic+gesture and they were all banal,
“Me? What for?”
Stevie looked suddenly sheepish. “I proposed to
her, but she wants some kind of gesture before
she’ll accept.”
ranging from the massaging of feet to doing the
laundry. That wasn’t Nancy’s style. Nancy was
special. A lady. A high born princess. A diva. A
prima ballerina. A goddess. With dimples.
Carol blew nonchalant smoke. “And?”
“Well, I thought with you being her best pal, you
might be able to give me some kind of clue about
what she’s looking for.”
Carol thought about it, a lengthy process. “Ye
And such an utter nutter that she’d refuse to
marry him if he didn’t come up with this amazing
He slumped down on the couch and tried to replay
his entire relationship with Nancy from the
haven’t got a spare world cruise about yer person
have you?”
Stevie perked up. “Do you think that’s what she’s
looking for?”
moment they’d met. In those three years there
must be something that would point him to his
target. In all the time they’d spent together,
every conversation, every action, there would be
“Naww, that’s what I want. Nancy won’t want you
spending daft money. She doesn’t like spending
daft money.”
“Listen, Carol, I don’t like spending money, daft or
something. Small perhaps, something passed
unnoticed, but vital to his purpose. He cursed his
terrible memory.
But it couldn’t be that hard. The pub they’d met
otherwise, but I’m willing to break the bank for
“She wouldn’t appreciate it. Something wee, but
meaningful, that’s the kind of thing she’d be
in. The nights out. The parties. The
engagements. The weddings. Her granny’s
funeral. The holiday to Portugal. Dig, dig, there
must be something there. The kisses. The
looking for.”
There was a cold wind blowing and Stevie slapped
his arms for warmth and wondered about the
thermal qualities of Carol’s abbreviated skirt.
cuddles. The laughing. Again he fumed at his
inability to remember. He’d had to work so hard
to pass exams at school.
But Nancy must have left him a clue, it was the
“But that would be just a gift, Carol, does that
count as a gesture?”
“Don’t ask me, my boyfriend’s idea of a romantic
gesture is grabbing my bum.”
only thing that would make any sense.
But she knew about his memory, she knew he
wouldn’t remember. And that’s when it came to
him. His sweet Nancy had tied his faulty memory
Stevie nodded knowingly, “Aye, he’s a very tactile
chap is our Dougie.”
“Tactile? He’s a letch!”
Stevie tapped his foot impatiently. “This isn’t
solving my problem, Carol.”
to her other passion.
A gesture she wanted? A gesture is what she’d
get. He reached for his bookcase.
She stubbed out her cigarette and nodded in
agreement. “No, it’s not. It’s a hard world,
That Saturday he picked her up from her flat on
the south side of Glasgow and drove to Alloway in