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“Hey, dreamy, remember me?”
“C’mon, I might have a bad memory, but I’m not
likely to forget you in ten seconds.”
“You want me to do what?”
She grinned, mysterious. “Something. Anything.”
“That’s not a great help.”
She smiled. “That’s part of the challenge.
Knowing what to do.”
He shifted uneasily on the couch. “I was
proposing marriage, not slaying dragons.”
She reached across and stroked his nervously
tapping hand. “All I want you to do is prove that
you love me. A gesture.”
He stuck his tongue out at her. “Will that do?”
“Aye, but I’m not after you, I’m after your
daughter. Even though you have got better legs
than her.”
“It’s compliments like that’ll get ye hung.”
“Give me a break, tell me what she wants.”
He didn’t know if she’d placed a time limit on him,
but the days were passing and he was getting
worried. What did she want? What could he do?
What did she expect of him? He loved her, there
was no doubt of that, and wanted to marry her.
There was a long sigh that Stevie thought was
going to last for ever. “Ye know Nancy, son.”
“I thought I did.”
“Well that’s the whole thing, nobody knows her.
Surely that should be proof enough for her. But
no, there was that defiant streak in her, which
wouldn’t accept anything as simple as a
declaration of his intent, she must have some
She’s always been a strange one, and I’ll say that
even if she is my own lassie. There’s always been
a part of her that’s closed off to the rest of us.
Her own wee private space.”
Stevie grunted. “That’s no help at all.”
grandiose gesture. But what?
He was no fool, our man, and began his quest
with a phone call to his beloved’s mother.
“Sorry Steven. I’m sure you’ll think of
He snorted with disappointment. “Call me if you
come up with anything, Jean. That’s if you want
“She wants a gesture, Jean.”
“Aye, that’s my girl.”
“Any idea what she’d be looking for?”
“Oh, it’s not for me to say.”
me for a son-in-law.”
“You’ll do, you’re the best she’s dragged home so
“Thanks very much.”
“Aww c’mon, give me a hint for a start. What are
we talking about here, a box of chocolates? A
diamond ring?”
“That’s kind of predictable is it no’, son?”
“Oh,” he was on it like a shark, “So you think
But our hero, confused though he was, wasn’t so
easily thwarted. He drove round to Nancy’s
office, parked and waited. Nancy didn’t smoke
she’s after something out of the ordinary?”
“Well, I would be.”
but her best friend Carol did and sure enough, half