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proceeds to find much better "proofs" to fit the "facts" of Occultism,
than did the Occultists themselves. The Occultist "sees things," but is
a poor hand at "proofs"—while the Scientist is great on "proofs," but
so often, and so long, fails to see many things patent to the Occultist
who is able to "look within" himself, but who is then unable to
positively and scientifically "prove" the facts. This is easily
explained—the Occultist's information comes from "within," while the
Scientist's comes from without—and "proofs" belong to the "without"
side of Mentation. And this is why the Occultists so often make such
a bungle regarding "proofs" and the Scientist fails to see "facts" that
are staring the Occultist in the face.
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The whole history of Occultism and Science proves the above.
Take the phenomenon called "Mesmerism" for instance—it was an
old story with the Occultists, who had been for years aware of it,
theoretically and practically. Mesmer brought it into general
prominence, and Science laughed at it and at Mesmer's "fluid" theory,
and called him a charlatan and imposter. Years afterwards, Braid, an
English surgeon, discovered that some of the facts of "Mesmerism"
were true, and he announced his discovery in a scientific manner,
and lo! his views were accepted, and the thing was called
"Hypnotism," poor old Mesmer being forgotten, because of his theory.
Then, after a number of years, certain other aspects of the
phenomenon were discovered, and scientifically relabelled
"Suggestion," and the re-naming was supposed to "explain" the entire
subject, the learned ones now saying, "Pooh, 'tis nothing but
'Suggestion,'" as if that explained the matter. But so far, they have
only accepted certain phases of this form of Dynamic Thought—for
that is what it is, and there are many other phases of which they do
not dream.
And the same is true of the Occult Teaching that there is "Life in
Everything—the Universe is Alive." For years, this idea was
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hooted at, and we had learned scientific discourses upon "dead
Matter," "inert substance," etc. But, only within the past decade—yes,
within the last five years, has Science discovered that there was Life
in Everything, and that even in the Atom of mineral and chemical
substance, there was to be found evidence of Mind. And Science is