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hapter 1
You don’t like the Rules of the Game.
Play it.
Win it.
Change it.
Emperor Dax Atreides
It was late. It was hot. It was humid.
This was Dune – Desert Planet – Sole provider of the Spice Melange; thus the center of the
[V] A Reverend Mother in Commando Uniform walked into the compound, unchallenged.
She snorted in disgust, so much for security on a planet that housed House Corrino.
She headed for the desert exhibit and stared, it was a true attempt at reconstructing the
desert of Arakkis.
She checked her pack and entered…[V]
Dax Atreides sat up suddenly and looked around wildly. As he settled his heart rate he realized
that it had been a dream. This one, however, was different. It felt real. Almost like déjà vu. Of
late things around him were changing. He corrected the thought. No, he was changing, which
was why he had returned to the Sietch, he was searching for normalcy. Dax was a member of
Mick’N Sietch, located near Arakkis City. Of course “near” was a relative term. It normally
took a worm ride to get just to the edge of the city. Dune was a desert planet and pulsated to the
laws of nature, intensely hot days and extremely cold nights.
Of late that seemed to be changing – like him, like tonight. It was hot and Dax couldn’t sleep
and the dream now had him wide-awake. He finally got off his sleeping mat and removed the
soaking wet shirt that he had been wearing and replaced it with a dry one. With the remnants of
the dream lingering in his mind he left his sleeping quarters.
Dax loved his people, his home world and desert life but he was also Atreides, descended from
Paul Maud’Dib. Every now and then, though some radical would remind him that he was not
native. It was sad that after twenty two thousand years of living, breathing, loving and breeding
on Arakkis that some people still didn’t accept his family. It really didn’t matter. He was
Fremen and that was all Shai-Hulud had ordained.
Unprotected by a still-suit, [Dad would have a fit] he thought; he stepped outside. It was silent
as only the desert could be. Everyone was asleep, but for the camouflaged security and the night
creatures of the wilderness. He walked through the Sietch, but for some concessions to