Duckworth Lewis Method HTML version

Duckworth/Lewis Method of Re-calculating the Target Score
in an Interrupted Match.
The Professional Edition of the Duckworth/Lewis shall be used in all matches. If any
match is suspended after it has started such that the number of overs available to be faced
by either side is reduced from that determined when the match started, the revised target
shall be computed using the latest version of CODA as distributed by ICC in accordance
with the instructions provided with that software and displayed on the screen.
Where possible, arrangements shall be made for the provision of back-up capability, in
case of computer malfunction, for the operation or continued operation of the
Professional Edition. In the event of computer non-availability or malfunction where no
such provision has been made, the Standard Edition (the method in use prior to October
2003) shall be used.
The regulations given below describe only the operation of the Standard Edition, except
that Clauses 4, 6 and 7 are also applicable to the Professional Edition.
1. Introduction
The D/L method sets revised targets in rain-interrupted limited-overs matches in
accordance with the relative run scoring resources which are at the disposal of the two
These are not in direct proportion to the number of overs available to be faced, as with
the average run rate method of correction. Instead they depend on how many overs are
to go and how many wickets are down when the interruptions occur.
To calculate the revised targets, you need to know the resources available at the stage of
the match when suspensions and resumption of play occur. All possible values of
resources have been pre-calculated and these are listed in the accompanying table.
The table covers each individual ball in a game of up to 50-overs per side. The figures
given in the table are percentages of the resources available for a complete 50-over
For matches with less than 50-overs per innings before they start, the resource
percentages available at the start of an innings will be less than 100%. But the same
table and the same method of calculation are used whatever the number of overs per
The single sheet over-by-over version of the table can be used for cases when play is
suspended before the start of a new over.
When Team 2 (the side batting second) have less run scoring resources at their disposal
than had Team 1 (the side batting first), their target is adjusted downwards using the ratio
of the resources available to the two sides.