Drusilla with a Million HTML version

Chapter XII
One afternoon Drusilla was working in her corner of the greenhouse
transplanting lily bulbs. She did not notice the entrance of Daphne until she heard
the fresh young voice at her side.
"Good morning, Miss Doane. I have come on business. I am an agent to enlist
your services."
Drusilla pushed her near-seeing glasses up on her forehead so that she could
the better regard the pretty face before her.
"Well, now, what company is hirin' you? They have a good agent. Is it a book or a
washin' machine?"
Daphne laughed.
"Neither, Miss Doane. How shocking! I am working in a great cause-- the cause
of the poor."
"So--" said Drusilla. "What do you know about the poor?"
"Oh, I know a lot, Miss Doane. I am one of the volunteer workers in a Settlement
house in the slums."
"What's that? I seem to disremember what I have read about such things, if I
have ever read about them."
"A Settlement is a lot of nice people who go down to live among the poor, and
they have clubs where the boys and girls can come evenings, and they have
sometimes a kindergarten or a day nursery where the mothers who go out to
work by the day can leave their children while they are away, and they give free
baths and have a medical clinic. Dr. Eaton gives his services to one twice a
week, and there is a district nurse, and--Oh lots of things are done for the poor in
the neighborhood of the Settlement house."
Drusilla put down her trowel and looked interested.
"Do tell! How nice of 'em. Are they paid to do it?"
"Yes; the workers who live in the Settlement get a salary. But girls like myself
give a day a week, or every once in a while go there and help."
"What do you do?" asked Drusilla.
"I--I--teach sewing. I have a class."
Drusilla looked at her a moment in astonishment.
"You teach sewing? You have a sewing class? I didn't know you sewed."
"I--don't--much, but I can do enough for a class like I have. They're just making
gymnasium suits, and we buy the pattern and I get along some way."
Drusilla laughed.
"Well, for a girl who has all her clothes made and keeps a maid to sew on her
buttons, I think it is very nice of you to learn girls how to sew. You must be a
great help in that work."
Daphne flushed.
"Now you're laughing at me, Miss Doane."
"No, I'm not laughin'; but it seems to me--how many girls you got in your class?"
"I have ten."
"How old are they?"