Drusilla with a Million HTML version

Chapter VIII
One morning James came to Drusilla.
"There is a man downstairs who wishes to see you," he announced.
"What does he want?" asked Drusilla.
"He does not say; just says he wants to see you personally. He says he is from
your home town or village."
Drusilla looked up, pleased.
"Is that so. Take him in one of the setting-rooms and I'll be right down."
James hesitated.
"What is it, James?"
"He, well, he is not exactly a gentleman; he looks like a man from the country."
"That ain't nothin' to disgrace him for life. I'm from the country too, and I'm real
glad to see any one from the place where I was raised. I ain't seen no one from
there for a long time."
When she went downstairs she found a rather florid man, about fifty years of age,
dressed as a farmer would dress when out on a holiday. She extended her hand
"James tells me you are from Adams," she said. "I'm real glad to see somebody
from there. Set down. Won't you take off your coat?"
The man removed his overcoat and sat down.
"I am John Gleason," he said; "the brother of James Gleason, who owns the
Spring Valley Stock Farm, just out of Adams."
Drusilla thought for a moment.
"I don't seem to recall the name, but perhaps you moved there sence I went
"I been there about thirty years. Of course you know William Fisher, the editor of
the county paper? He is a friend of mine."
Drusilla's face brightened.
"Yes, indeed; I know him well. I nursed his wife through all her children and her
last spell of sickness."
"Is that so! His wife was a cousin of my wife's. Her name was Jenny Jameson
before she married me."
"The daughter of old Dr. Jameson! Well, I do declare, it's like meetin' old friends.
How is she?"
"I'm sorry to say she is not very well. We lost our little girl about two years ago,
and she has been sick ever since."
Kindly Drusilla was all sympathy at once.
"Do tell me. What did she die of."
"Diphtheria. She got it in school; it run through all the children in the county."
"How old was she?"
"She was eleven, and it near broke my wife's heart. She was our only child. I
catch her settin' by the door waitin' for Julia to come home. It worries me very
"Well, I'm so sorry. Have you had a doctor?"